No more drivers! Word just got out that driverless trucks are here!

There's no driver in the car.

The steering wheel is moving on its own!

You think this is a movie.

Of course not.

It's just a driverless car.

Don't disbelieve it.

Just on April 24.

Dongfeng driverless heavy truck

It's a public debut!

Let's take a look at the live roadshow, it's awesome!

Dongfeng driverless heavy truck debuts

24 April

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co.

Held at the Wuhan Technology and Research Center

Electrification and Smart Connected Trucks Display and Demonstration

7 electrified models of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle

First public appearance of the show car with smart network technology

among others

Two L4 class driverless Dongfeng Tianlong heavy trucks

Several demonstrations were conducted

(Poke video to see unmanned cars on the road)

(onom.) ding dong

This is the face and technology that goes hand in hand

L4 level driverless Dongfeng Tianlong heavy truck

Two L4s

Driverless Dongfeng Tianlong Heavy Truck

In the campus of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technology Center

Smooth and comfortable driving

Two vehicles can be formed in a V2V network connection

Keeping very close to each other

It can also be accessed through the

ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) + LKA (Lane Keeping)

Enables automatic car-following

Fully autonomous steering in curves

Includes L4 level driverless

Dongfeng Tianlong heavy truck demonstration within

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle also showcased seven other new technology show vehicles

Deputy General Manager, Dongfeng Motor Group Co.

Yang Qing, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co.

The road transport industry is showing a lighter weight

Electrification, intelligence, network connectivity

and the trend towards sharing

Logistics industry has high expectations for autonomous driving

There's such high technology

Can't help but applaud the East Wind

In fact, back on December 2, 2017

And Shenzhen's driverless bus is officially on the road!

A bus that doesn't need a driver

Shuttle out of Futian, Shenzhen

Automatic bus alerts

It's in autopilot mode.

Passengers, please sit and hold on.

The pedestrians on the road looked stunned

This is also the first time that China

World's first on the open road

Conducting unmanned

Two of them are also from

Dongfeng Motor Group Limited!

Everyone knew this day would come!

But no one expected it to come so quickly!

I believe that in the near future

Driverless vans, driverless cars

All will be invested in more cities

Guys, are you looking forward to it?

The leader said so!

You order one.

The editor's pay goes up 50 cents!

Source:,, Chutian Metropolis Daily

Edited by Bev

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