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Blockchain has developed to this stage, we don't need to consider whether it is reliable or not now, whether it is a business that is making a strategic layout or a cryptocurrency owner who wants to make money, what we need to look for is an excellent source of projects.

The world of blockchain is full of people who are very impatient, but there are also a lot of people who are trying very hard to do real things.

The birth of Bitcoin was inevitable because of the inaction of the mainstream financial system. Many people question the blockchain, but there's really no need for it anymore, the growth of Bitcoin and Ether is already there.

Where there is interest, there is a rich ecological relationship. Nowadays, many projects in the blockchain are only concerned with playing with coins and circling money, and as soon as they come, they say how many exchanges they are on, and after that, there is nothing more, and I have never been in favor of the narrow brain capacity mindset. The golden age of blockchain has not yet begun, just like building a city: planning, greening, environmental protection, and sewer access are the basics of construction, not how many kinds of luxury brands come in. The people who make cities renovate are always the infrastructure builders.

So it is understandable that we have to go through a relatively slow growth period and be able to be patient and down-to-earth in the process of infrastructure construction.

Any project that doesn't have a growth phase is undoubtedly air and bubble, raking in the cash and running away. It is like a learned wise man, his wisdom and the formation of a system of knowledge must have a process of accumulation, by no means a year and a half and then the talent is high.

The growth period is boring and difficult, and a good project that wants to grow must have the ability to organize large-scale consensus, including a strong community capacity. There is a good set of economic models that make the token itself valuable in the system, and the project team must be rich in industry resources, have ideals, also understand ground operations, be willing to spend longer to run the project, be able to logically say what their project is about, have confidence in the project and also have a questioning spirit; have sentiment, but equally have excellent skills.

Any problem that can be solved directly is the most painful way

Can blockchain technology itself be applied at scale or not? Will it land?

Blockchain, as an important achievement of the fourth industrial revolution after steam engine, electrification and computer, can only be said to be in vain if it cannot really be landed and applied on a large scale. So addressing these two issues should be something that a responsible, mission-driven program should set out to do.

Bitcoin ethereum is the industry's big brother, but also because of various problems by everyone trolling, for example, in 2017 BTC fork, miners sold a large number of BTC in their hands, after throwing BTC to support BCC, because the miner's arithmetic switch, resulting in a big drop in the price of BTC, which is actually an attack on the BTC public chain, yet the users holding the coin have nothing to do about it.

With the tps problem Ether is running into, it definitely won't be able to accommodate that many projects to land in the future, so there will be many kinds of solutions as well, such as the sharding technology mentioned by v-God.

We try to develop and build a stable and easy-to-use underlying technology platform, build parallel computing horizontally scalable multi-chain structure to solve the forking problem, solve congestion, and massively improve throughput, based on a homogeneous multi-chain architecture, that is, a main chain and N federated chains architecture, where the main chain data and federated chain data are separated and ruled, and static and dynamic ledgers coexist.

For example, for transaction confirmations on public chains, Ether recommends 6 blocks before deciding on final consistency, which takes about 1½ to 2 minutes, plus net-end delay, which takes about 5 minutes or more, while Bitcoin takes about an hour for 6 confirmations.

And if a user pays with our affiliate coins, the confirmation time will be in seconds or even milliseconds. A fallen chain is the final consistency and needs to wait for 6 confirmations, as the consensus mechanism of the federated chain can be non-forking.

When the main chain is based on Pow+pos consensus mechanism, it can support about 25~40 strokes/second when processing payment transaction concurrency estimation, according to the business demand of payment scenario, one thousandth or even one ten thousandth need public chain notary, which can support about 25000~40000 strokes/second according to one thousandth calculation.

In summary, high speed and high throughput perfectly solves the problem of whether it can be applied on a large scale, and I think there is a causal relationship between large-scale application and landing, when the former is satisfied, the latter can be solved.

The really good projects and techniques that have a chance of killing the bear market

A bear market in blockchain is definitely rare, but your values are very important, values don't affect you making 1x, 2x, but they will affect you making 1000x. Those who questioned Bitcoin in the beginning don't know if they still do, but those who were bullish on it or gambled their luck on it are now largely wealth free.

We analyze countless projects and find that the landings are largely absent, combined with very little depth, or rely on landings in the financial markets, and that's when your values are very important, or more accurately, judgment, and you need to sift through the many projects to find the next BTC. Because it's not the good that makes the money, it's the spread. I can't tell you what kind of price a superconductor is today next year, but I can tell you that on a yearly dimension, it's a very low price right now.

What we need to do is to quietly work on technology, organize consensus, build an ecology, and only really good projects and technologies will have a chance to stand out from the crowd. So instead of judging whether blockchain is reliable or not, you now need to hurry up and think about how to find a good project, whether it's a business or an individual. We may not make you instantly rich, as we do stable projects that can be applied on a large scale, but there is no problem in making you achieve sustained wealth growth.

By the way, to introduce you, we are the Superconductor Chain project team.

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