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Not a band-aid, but a creator's patch

Minimalist graphic design tool - create-a-post

Create-a-Post is available for web, iPhone, iPad and desktop. One of the web versions, which supports online design creation, does not require downloading any installation packages.

You can design posters, PPT, business cards, invitations and other kinds of graphic design drawings by simple drag, drop and drag operations.

The creator post provides 6 design scenarios and 63 small design templates for social media, advertising and printing, work documents, life, banners and e-commerce.

The design is stored in the cloud, supporting multiple people to collaborate and complete the design together, download or share the design file for free.

In September 2017, the desktop version of Create-a-Post went live

In December 2017, the version iteration of the Create-a-Post WEB side was updated to 2.8.3

In February 2018, Tulip Creative entered into a strategic partnership with Creative Post to provide image users with genuine high-definition images and help creators effectively avoid copyright risks.

Recent works in Shanghai.

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3.This screenshot software is unusual

4.Not a band-aid, but a creator's patch

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