Notice about the printing of the September 2018 NCLB pass!

The September 2018 (52nd) National Computer Grade Examination is scheduled to be held

15-17 September Held.

For those of you who haven't prepared yet

Are you panicking?

September 15th.

But the test is coming up.

This year is earlier than all previous years

again Not the end of September. I just took the test.

Exam Tips

1. Always grab the questions and always practice the questions, not the mocks. Familiarize yourself with as many and as proficient questions as possible.

2. Find out the difficult points from the questions, on their own do not quite understand, do not quite understand the knowledge points, for such points remember to memorize the solution steps, mechanical according to the solution steps, otherwise the test in the examination room is likely to do not out. You must go through the textbook and read the book for these points and learn its principles systematically so that you can be confident in the exam.

3.Adjust your mind, don't be nervous or anxious, and take the last minute to practice. Make sure you don't slack off at this time.

4.You must do the problems carefully, review them carefully, and read the solution steps carefully, not sloppily.

5.You can go to the school's computer room one or two days before the exam for practice to familiarize yourself with the exam system environment and to be prepared.

Exam Notes

1.Always remember to use the account and password you registered for when you registered in time for the exam. Print your own pass Download the pass and print it on A4 paper. Both black and white and color printing are allowed, and alterations to the "pass" are not valid, and the back must be blank. The login account is the candidate's registeredQQ number, email address, mobile phone number. Print it and keep it safe.

2.Enter thirty minutes before the start of the exam and take your seat in the right place. You will not be allowed to enter fifteen minutes after the start of the examination and you will not be allowed to leave the examination room until the end of the written examination. And bring it with you. Pass, student ID, ID card.

3.Once in the interface, you should carefully Verify the pass number and ID number.

4.may Careful review of the questions. If the generated form or menu, etc. is required to be stored in a specified directory, you should go back to this directory and check not only whether the content matches the question, but also Note the case. If it is programmed or corrected, it should be run through to make sure it is foolproof.

5.When you have finished the test, it is best not to leave right away, but to wait for the invigilator.When you confirm that the paper has been handed in properly and agree to leave again walk。 In the unlikely event of a crash, do not panic and do not shut down and restart your computer without permission. Instead, you should raise your hand to report to the invigilator.

6.Since the machine test is a lottery test, after each batch, you can ask your classmates after the test for some questions, and if you are lucky you may draw the same questions. Of course. The most important thing to remember after the exam is to save the disk Otherwise, all the work will be lost.

7.Please find more information on Designated documents RI answers the question, please do not create new files.

8.On-board programming questions are given marks by step and each operation is worth the corresponding mark, so don't give up easily, even if you can't write a full program Define the variables out. And put the possible The structure of the program is written out first (e.g., loop structures, branch structures, etc.).

9.Correction of errors that really can't be corrected Skip ahead. Then do the programming questions, and when you're done with the basic part of the programming questions, go back and see if you can change it out.

10.Only essential tools such as pencils, erasers, rulers, pens and ballpoint pens may be brought into the examination hall, and no other tools and items such as calculators, electronic dictionaries, MP3s, etc. with storage functions. All means of communication, such as mobile phones, are closed and handed over. Anyone found using communication tools during the examination is considered to be cheating.

11.multiple-choice question One entry only You must. Complete all the multiple choice questions at once.

1、dubbo framework build
2、A simple implementation of the JVM
3、Python Version Extremely Simple Way to Implement Circos
4、The Three Elements of Data Mining Explained
5、Youre no match for someone else whos just screwing around

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