cool hit counter Number one in the world! China's unmanned drone makes first manned flight, foreign netizens admire and praise!_Intefrankly

Number one in the world! China's unmanned drone makes first manned flight, foreign netizens admire and praise!

The world's first manned unmanned aerial vehicle has made its maiden flight, made in China!

The foreign press is also reporting it as a big story

ABC: First flight of EHang 184 unmanned manned aircraft in China

Daily Mail: EHang unmanned manned aircraft makes first test flight in China, reaches top speed of 130 km/h (80mph)

QUARTZ: A Chinese company plans to make air taxis possible by the end of the year

Little Beaver gives this Chinese company a mad shout out! Awesome EVERYTHING!

The craft has reportedly been tested internally thousands of times in the last four years.

It has been tested in different weather conditions, including foggy days with extremely low visibility, and even in a category 7 typhoon strength environment, and problems were fixed in time, and thus improved little by little.

It can now withstand winds of up to 50 km/h, can fly 15 km/h and reach a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

Achieved 23 minutes of flight at 100 km/h with a 100 kg passenger

The rider simply enters a destination on the screen or in a smartphone app and the craft automatically flies, making it more convenient than a taxi.

Some people are worried about it. With automatic flight, won't there be a collision with more aircraft in the sky?

The company's co-founder replied, "The backend calculates to plan the best route for you, so you won't collide with other unmanned aerial vehicles. "

The backend system combines real-time data collected by sensors throughout the flight and automatically maps out the fastest and safest flight path.

There is also a command center with dedicated people to make sure everything is safe, like air traffic controllers at airports. The command center monitors every craft in the air 24 hours a day.

The company plans to integrate with existing systems for air traffic control.

For example, the command center will ensure that the craft does not take off in extreme weather conditions; if there is the slightest error, the pilot can take control remotely.

Now, this flying machine, EHang184, has passed the AS9100 international aerospace quality management system certification and got the civil aircraft licensed flight certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, which approved EHang184 to conduct flight test at Guangzhou R&D base.

Technological advances will lead to an explosion of air taxis.

Google is developing a flying car and has filed more than a dozen model registrations with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Commuting to and from work by air taxi, the future of three-dimensional transportation, science fiction movies, or will become a reality ~

foreigner Sighing at the power of technology and praising China's technological talent

It is impressive that a country can continue to produce a large number of highly qualified engineers.

Bravo! Take me flying!

Very impressive. It may not be practical yet, but please give it time.

I believe that commuting by air will be the primary way to get from the suburbs to downtown and major airports for the next twenty-five years.

And from the cutie who loves Jackie Chan movies.

This would be great for a Jackie Chan movie.

Others, however, have looked at the security of popularity in terms of.

Okay, where can I land? City airport? Or some high rise roofs? Too many overhead cables and trees, narrow streets ......

Given some time, I'm sure all of these issues can be resolved.

Technology has changed lives, and the last few years have really delivered in full ~

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