Numbers say headhunters: Hunters take as long as the pursuit of love is often in the Internet industry

Sleek clothes, access to upscale venues, exposure to the industry's elite ...... The TV series "The Hunting Ground", which has just finished airing, has brought the profession of headhunting into the public eye. What about the reality of headhunting? Recently, the hunt released the "national headhunting talent hunting behavior big data report", using data to reveal the reality of the hunting field.

The report shows that, unlike the "elite uncle" headhunters in movies and TV dramas, the real industry headhunters are more female than male, and are younger overall. Women in the headhunting industry with a slightly higher percentage of 56.23% than men, and 25-30 years old is the main distribution age group of headhunters, accounting for 41.52%, followed by 30-35 years old, accounting for 23.55%, while only 5.6% of headhunters over 40 years old. In order to successfully hunt talent, 57% of headhunters take 1-3 months and 23% take 3-6 months, which is comparable to the time spent on a relationship pursuit.

The report data is a sample of 320,000 headhunters, 710,000 headhunting positions, for 10,000 + headhunters, 50,000 + job seekers to conduct questionnaire research obtained.(For more visual news, subscribe to the NKJV chart)

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