OF Mobile Mining surpasses 1 million users! Wallet address over 5 million...

This is a milestone happy announcement in the history of blockchain!

2 weeks ago, that is, at 18:36 on 15 May. OF Mobile Mining officially exceeds 1 million registered users and over 5 million wallet addresses, gloriously joining the blockchain's million-dapp club. It's just been 90 days since it went live on Feb. 14.

As far as we know, to get the first 1 million users: it took 24 months for Twitter, 10 months for FaceBook, 9 months for QQ, and a minimum but 66 days for Sina Weibo. We strongly believe that future DApps based on the OF ecosystem will gain millions of users at a rate of 1 month or even faster.

Since Satoshi Nakamoto built the Bitcoin decentralized network system, blockchain has always been difficult to implement in the cloud because of its technical properties of high threshold and high barriers. The OF Community Chain team carries a historical mission and adopts a new mobile phone-based consensus mechanism, allowing one million pioneers to dig the first block of their lives, and opening up a new lifestyle of mining for all.

Blockchain is a novelty; don't be under the illusion of putting the classical internet into a new bottle. Mobile mining is the first application in the blockchain era. Our DApp is simple and simple, but behind it is a recompilation of distributed technology and Chinese philosophy with more than 100,000 lines of code, and we believe more people will understand the meaning of "witness algorithm" in the future.

OF operating partner Wang Fei said that OF will build a "mobile version of the ethereum" public chain ecology, and will incubate and transform 1,000 million-user DApps in the coming year.

Gratitude to millions of users Gratitude to 4000 lords

The OF Community Chain team has come over the mountains and stumbled hand in hand with all the lords, and then looking back, we have achieved a milestone victory of 1 million users, at this moment. Most wanted to share this glorious moment with 4,000 Lords, grateful hearts, thank you.

In the future, the OF ecosystem will be built and will gradually be advanced by the vote of the super nodes, which will be created by running from the lords. Here are some of the Lords' hopes and wishes for OF, you are our source of motivation going forward!

Million-dollar OF candy Draw for three consecutive days

1. Activity time and reward amount

01.06.06 Total award of 200,000 OF.

02.06.06 Total award of 300,000 OF.

03.06.06 Total award 500,000 OF.

2. Activity rules

Limited to one drawing per account per day.

The rewards drawn are available for viewing in the OF App.

The right to interpret this activity belongs to OF.

Grateful to have you with us, a group of people who go the extra mile.

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