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Oddball debaters who are obsessed with their dreams and innocent old-fashioned cuties on the same stage

It's time to put your mind to

Relaxed and happy to study and work on

After the New Year

Earning money for fitness will continue

You can't stop pulling hate in your circle of friends

And "One Stop" is still with you

Accept every unexpected corner from life

What interesting contestants are we going to have on this episode

Come and take a look with WeChat~


Yan Jianghan's oddball debater

He is known as "The Hermit Debater".

He has been a news anchor for Astro TV Chinese in Malaysia for 12 years now, and he has pioneered the news in Malaysia with his sharp commentary. Will Yan Jianghan, who can't control his inner flood, be able to break through today in "One Stop"?


Liu Huining Artificial Intelligence Female Scholar

When it comes to science and technology, the first word that pops into your mind is "cold", but Hui Ning Liu from Tsinghua is going to tell you today that science and technology can be sweet and warm! Hui-Ning Liu pursued a dual master's degree at Tsinghua, with the M.Eng. specializing in natural language processing. This major is actually the study of artificial intelligence, in other words, Wang-chan's set of advanced teasing skills are weak in front of her!

In the Tsinghua campus, Liu Huining, who is a love freak, has a warm husband in science and technology, and a cool and romantic "green optical proposal", which simply lights up the eyes of the pit, no contrast no harm ah ~ today, Liu Huining how much "hate", let's look forward to it ~


Cardamom... innocent, old-fashioned cutie.

Just after receiving 10,000 points of schoolboy-level love show blitz, a strong traditional classical wind came ~ "graceful and slim thirteen more than, doumou tip early February", dressed in Chinese costume appearance of doumou full of temperament, not small! As a hanbok video blogger, the hanbok she is wearing today is designed by her own hands, combining hanbok elements with modern fashion.

In order to better promote the Hanfu culture and tradition, she also researched a set of "oil paper umbrella gymnastics" and won a full house with her live performance.

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