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Olympic champions start businesses worth over $100 million: why when you're young, pick the hard road

Experience is life reinvented. Today we talk about why Hu Jia, the entrepreneur who transformed from an Olympic champion to a billionaire, chose the hard road when he was young.

When it comes to Hu Jia, he is best remembered as the men's diving 10m platform champion at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Entering the diving team at the age of 5 1/2, he continued to grow, from the Sydney Olympics in 2000 to the Athens Olympics in 2004, where his dream finally came true, winning the title in Athens.

Yet there will always be the toughest moments in life. In May 2008, he found that he "couldn't practice anymore" - he lost the retinas in both eyes, tore his shoulder ligaments and suffered a fatigue fracture in his leg, so he couldn't even hold a normal training session. At the Beijing Olympics, hopes were pinned on Hu Jia to be absent. His experience was like a precipitous fall from the front of the stage to the back of the curtain, fading into obscurity.

There is no more room for greater growth in familiar areas, and other areas are all unknown. 2009 was the toughest year for Huja and he decided to retire. After retiring, still without a goal, he locked himself in his home for three months, carefully summarizing the past 23 years of diving experience, wrote 50,000 words, just to find answers: What's the way forward?

Opportunity always comes to those who are prepared. In an occasional industry interview, he was described in one story as "the most electrically savvy diving star." Hu Jia said, "This is actually a false proposition, I am now an entrepreneur and I hope I can become the most knowledgeable person in the electricity market and be recognized in my current field. "

Explore every "opening" on the unknown road, over the mountains, over the hills, over the hills, and over the cuts. So he registered the first Internet company of his life: Huidian Cloudlink Technology Co. In the early days of his business, he was often busy until 3 a.m. before returning home. More often than not, he uses his car as a bed, and his company and client's office as two points of contact. He was often accompanied by running orders, making sales, eating fast food, etc. He always said, '"All methods, are dumb methods. In the beginning, it was more than humility and hard work. "

What makes us question is, what kind of business is Huja running? Simply put, the Internet power sales platform, Huidian Cloudlink, can save costs and improve efficiency for power users. So is it so important for businesses to purchase electricity? First of all the electricity bill is a huge cost. Second, the electricity market is so specialized, who do you go to to buy it? How do I buy it? Most businesses can't figure it out.

The service provided by Huidian Cloudlink is "foolproof", enterprises do not need to understand too deep policies and regulations and trading rules, and can calculate in the simplest way how much they can save. This is the biggest success of Hu Jia's venture, and what convinces corporate clients the most.

Thus, for Hu Jia's transition, it is Hu Jia's regret to miss the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And entrepreneurship is a new glory chase on the battlefield of life. After many years, Hu Jia has come a long way and has achieved a metamorphosis from 0 to billion in value. Many of his peers seemed both envious and jealous, and repeatedly asked him what the secret of his entrepreneurial success was. He always replied to the point that there is no secret sauce, life is not only about success and failure, but also possessions. When you're young, make sure you pick the hard road, because that's the way to grow upward.

Perhaps precisely because he is a "blank sheet of paper" in business, Hu Jia is able to see things from a simpler, more fundamental perspective. And the essence is methodological migration.

A stone from another mountain can be used to attack the jade. In the future, Hu Jia's team is constantly innovating the Internet model to bring the electricity market demand online, standardize and build an intelligent scene. We make full use of big data and combine it with AI technology to realize intelligent trading and finally complete product diversification and industry intelligence.

Looking back, you will find that from the Olympic champion to entrepreneurship, and then to make the industry more intelligent on the road, each node, Hu Jia has chosen the most difficult path to take.

Yes! The world is constantly being driven by young people who are ambitious, independent thinkers and daredevils. When you're young, pick the hard road, because that's the way up.

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