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On writing and blockchain investing

Today's post is about what I've been thinking about lately. I'd actually prefer to write something dry, but it's been a week, and I've basically only had some time to spare this afternoon to get my assignments submitted first.

It reminds me of what my buddies used to say to me in my growth group last year: your pattern is that you like to criticize and deny yourself, and have fun doing it. There is awareness of this behavior, which was previously ignorant and unaware, but now there is awareness, and metacognition is slowly building in this matter of critiquing oneself.

I. On writing

Almost two months after joining 007, nine articles have been submitted in the system. In early January, gave myself a big wish and planned to submit 100 articles this year. During this time was constantly thinking about how and what exactly to write about in these articles.

After thinking about it, the essays can be divided into three categories, the first being the diary type, which focuses on expressing emotions. The second type is official documents, such as news reports and summary reports, which mainly convey news. The third is the knowledge delivery category, such as best-selling books, getting columns, public articles, etc. The third one is more suitable for your own writing goals at 007. Because in order to pass on knowledge to others, one must first master it, which creates a backwards mechanism. And the fundamental purpose of joining 007 Writing, that is to help yourself grow better by writing, output backwards to input.

And attention is the most valuable resource, and where the attention is, determines where the topic of those 100 articles is. In other words, the only way to gradually develop a complete body of knowledge is to focus on the topic of the article and combine it with attention.

II. About blockchain investments

I didn't know there was such a thing until after I joined 007 and learned that the coin world existed. I think most people in James Bond would be interested in it. The most immediate reason is mostly the ability to make money, to make money fast, and even to achieve wealth freedom. It is human nature for every normal person to be interested in earning money, and it is for this reason that life is given rich meaning. I'm normal and I was interested, and after learning about it, I also decided to buy some coins.

It's amazing how people treat the same thing with or without investing money, it can really make a world of difference in attitude, that's the beauty of money. After investing money, you will pay attention to its changes every day, even if you know very well in your heart that the moment you buy a coin ends, the investment behavior is basically over, and all you have to do is wait for the long-term return, the so-called lying money (or lying money loss). But this wisdom for me is still only at the level of the mind, not deep into the bones, and deep into the bones is something that needs to be practiced over time. So I won't be able to resist checking to see if it's up or down. You'll be happy when it goes up, and you'll say to yourself when it goes down, look at the long term. When I think about it, I think it's a really high level to make money lying down, because the matter of making money is bound to make people excited, and how many people can lie quietly when they are excited?

The other day, I saw a public article about EOS and a guy left a comment below saying that at $0.80 he bought 24W coins and by that moment (4 months later) he had made over 20 million. With envy, I suddenly felt that getting rich could be so easy and so fast. But when you think about it in depth, it's not really that simple. It takes $700,000 to $800,000 in liquidity, tremendous courage, insight, and depth of cognitive ability behind the scenes, and it is a combination of these items, and the lack of them, that makes this fast money thing possible. And any one of those, for the average person, is a tall order.

This reminds me of the compound interest effect, which can be abstracted into a compound interest curve, which Einstein called the eighth wonder of the world, where those who know earn and those who don't are earned.

The curve starts out extremely slowly for a long time, and after reaching a certain critical value, the slope suddenly becomes large and rises steeply. As world population growth, human technological development, economic development, and human growth all follow this pattern. So think back, the reason why others can achieve wealth explosion in a short period of time, excluding overnight riches and other luck components, the early slow accumulation of essential, while the average person is most likely to ignore this part, so will envy and hate, why is he and not me. When you understand this, you will not be envious or jealous of this phenomenon, but you will tell yourself in your heart to build up and wait for the day when you will explode.

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