One of Honda's most adorable cars ever, known as a teenage girl killer, pure electric AI, taking pre-orders for next year

This is Honda's Urban EV, which was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, and is arguably the most adorable car in Honda's history, nicknamed the "Girl Killer". It's an all-electric AI model that is scheduled to start taking pre-orders next year.

The exterior image is also very distinctive, with a large area of the front part left for the AI to make expressions and other display functions. The black primed rectangular band with the luxurious material makes the overall feel quite luxurious.

The interior is also tastefully designed with a center console that is all wood panel trim and a 16-inch sized LCD display in the center section with a small operator next to it. The steering wheel is also pretty cool, with a square polygon instead of the usual common proto design, which is very stylish.

The retro classic body design is matched with either angular or rounded and full lines, with a strong sense of design.

The rear design disguises the short body with stretches of sleek lines, instead making the whole car more refined. This budding new car is available for pre-order next year, so are you ready, lady drivers?

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