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Online consultations are efficient, accurate and faster!

disease prevention

Health Management

The 21st century is an information society, and the Internet has become an increasingly important means of communication and medium of communication in people's daily lives and work. It can be said that the Internet has been closely related to people's lives and has profoundly changed the way of production, life and communication in human society, while more profoundly changing people's thoughts, ideas and spiritual world. Our lives have become inseparable from the internet, with online banking, online car appointments, online food ordering and more, and today we can start our medical care online as well. You can communicate with your doctor from the internet ....

The Internet brings us closer to our doctors, Bringing us closer to specialist doctors in tertiary hospitals, Facilitates a better understanding of our health。 UHealth as a bridge between doctors and patients, UHealth has now contracted specialists who have arrived1000 many people, And all from Beijing's top three hospitals, Provide customers withHealth Management、 disease prevention、 private doctor、 Easy access to medical services, pre-diagnosis( back) Advisory services。 Provide Chinese style private doctor team service for clients。 recently, China Youth Daily Social Survey Center via, right2001 A survey of people conducted by,65.7% of respondents had done medical consultation online。63.1% of respondents have expectations for the development of Internet healthcare。 Respondents believe the biggest problem with the development of Internet healthcare today is doctors、 patient、 Low level of trust between platforms(69.3%)。59.0% of respondents had registered for a medical advice website, or have downloaded a medical consultation classApp。 This shows that the general public is still very receptive to online advice, The biggest worry is the ones you don't see on line, Is the person who answered the question really an expert, This was the biggest concern of the interviewees。

Advantages of UHealth online counseling.

Quick and accurate access to information

As we all know, it is now difficult to see a doctor, the common cold to go to the hospital to all kinds of queues; registration need to queue, queue for payment, queue for blood, queue for beds, etc., in short, is a variety of queues, a headache and brain fever do not know which hospital to go to, do not know which department to hang, a person running upstairs and downstairs finally nothing to solve, all kinds of queues finally see the doctor to say a few words, which is why many times we ordinary people are sick more often than not is a small disease to endure, big disease to carry, left and right friends between a variety of recipes, we dare to try, because save time, more trouble. It used to be a simple matter to see a doctor, but now it has become a variety of processes in a variety of forms. Making simple things complicated. Many times we are very anxious to go to the hospital and end up even more anxious and annoyed to come back. The U Health Expert Group provides each member with a panel of more than 20 private physicians to solve all your health problems first time, whether it is a major or minor ailment, or a pre-visit registration to get fast and accurate answers first time.

Authority for greater peace of mind

The team of experts are all from Beijing's tertiary hospitals in service; the hospital has attending doctors, deputy chief doctors, chief doctors, and the Yu Health Expert Group are all at the level of deputy director or above, (it takes at least 19 years to become a deputy director from studying medicine) with a wealth of clinical experience. The number of people visiting the capital each year exceeds 300 million, and the doctors have more clinical experience. Compared to the medical staff in the same industry, all of the doctors contracted by Yu Health are deputy directors or above, and the team of specialists reached more than 1,000 by now.

Online Inquiry Create a profile

Consult anytime, anywhere and create a complete health data profile. A mobile phone in your hand is equivalent to your personal doctor team is always by your side, just open your phone, open the app and you can interact with the doctor when consultation. Any questions you have will be recorded in the full data file. Health is no small matter, we all lack a family case in our country, and we often hear many people will say that it runs in the family, so what genes and diseases do we have in our ancestors? Any previous medical history, allergies to anything, etc. All of this will be recorded in your health file. Your health records are always on file as long as you are a member. Based on your health profile, a private panel of doctors will do risk assessment, disease prevention and then issue a health management plan based on your data.

Equivalent resources, avoidance of misdiagnosis

Diagnosing a disease as "no disease", "no disease" as a disease, and this disease as another disease. Many times it is not that doctors are not careful but that the local medical level is limited, and misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis are common all around us, which is why we would rather queue up at a big hospital than go to a small clinic when we are sick. But from the local to Beijing although now the technology is developed, the transportation is convenient, but patients still do not want to travel a long distance, also there are many diseases simply can not be tossed on the road, so this time we should do? With limited local medical care, are we just going to give up on treatment? If you have your own private doctor group, all your problems can be solved by opening the mobile phone app, no matter you are in rural towns or remote areas, you can enjoy the same medical resources as Beijing's tertiary hospitals. Take photos of all the test results and upload them directly to get the guidance from the specialist in Beijing. Avoid delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

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