Our hospital organized a "three transfer" technology exchange meeting

The third national land survey (hereinafter referred to as "the three surveys") has been launched. In order to better carry out the "three investigations" work, as soon as possible to promote our "three investigations" work from the preliminary preparations to the substance, the morning of April 10, we invited the company super map, in the fifth floor conference room to carry out a land "three investigations" technical exchange meeting. Vice President Zhu Yihu attended the meeting, and the Information Technology Center, General Engineering Office, chief engineers of each surveying and mapping branch and related technical personnel attended the meeting.

At the exchange meeting, Chaotu technicians introduced the overall solution of Chaotu's "Three Investigations" and gave a detailed introduction and functional demonstration of the whole series of products, such as external survey software, internal data building system, database management system and data sharing and analysis system. Our technical staff made a mutual exchange on the relevant technical processes, methodological ideas, software tools, etc. Through this technical exchange, the participants had a deeper understanding of the operation process of "Three Adjustments" and made a preliminary understanding of the software products and related solutions of "Three Adjustments", which further opened up the work ideas and laid a technical foundation for the smooth implementation of the next "Three Adjustments" work.

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