PPE vs WC - Two FB ad formats you can't afford to miss

Whether it's a forum or a youtube video tutorial, the two forms of advertising that you come across the most would be PPE and WC, they have very different modes of working, but both achieve our goal: to get a bill


Full name Page Post Engagment, that is, the home page posting interaction, interaction refers to the comments, likes these Social Proof, advertising target will find the most like comments, likes users, to them to place ads.

Lots of social interaction

Characteristics of this type of advertising.

Cheap, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage, cheap means that you can place a large number of users at a very low cost, note that cheap also means that this is a low value user with a low likelihood of conversion. If the WC has 1%, then the PPE may only be 0.1%.

The cpm is only 0.6-1.8, crazy cheap

What does it mean?

Suitable for testing products

Because PPE is cheap, it is possible to run data at a relatively low cost with PPE before it has been determined that this product is viable.

(PPE can be done for under $5 per thousand coverage, meaning you can reach 1,000 people on a $5 per day budget, compared to WC's often 20+ CPM, PPE can be done at a lower cost with more data to support the viability of the product)

Don't be bluffed by sky-high airtime

People may swipe out video ads with millions of plays at every turn, and think in their hearts that it's really awesome, and that the money is still not crazy?

Actually, no, with a CPM of around 0.6 like PPE, it would only cost $600 to reach an audience of 1 million. So only you know in your heart whether you are really making money or not.


The full name of WC is Web site conversion, that is, conversion advertising, that is, advertising with the goal of conversion, the "conversion" mentioned here can be "View Content" "Add to Cart" "Purchase" and other goals, when you choose "View Content", FB will help you choose the most favorite click on the ad users.

So would targeting Purchase mean that Purchase would be found?

Not really.

First, it is far easier to find 'willing clickers' than it is to find 'willing adders', and 'willing adders' are far easier than 'willing buyers'.

That's why with View Content as the target, fb's optimization is easy to get results. In contrast, it is difficult to use 'Purchase' as an optimization target, and requires a high enough budget to accumulate sufficient data.

machine learning

WC's unique machine optimization from other ads means it can accumulate previous data and use the data it's already got to find more users like it.

FB tells us that to enable machine learning for FB, you must accumulate 50 conversions in a week, so if your goal is 'View Content' then it's 50 'View Content' and if it's 'ATC' then it's 50 'ATC'.

The third day can find the cost of purchase greatly reduced

Precautions for specific operations

The machine learning phase of advertising can be very volatile

We recommend against making significant adjustments to the ad-hoc group during the machine learning phase of the system, as this may cause the system to restart the machine learning phase before any meaningful information has been obtained.

Do not operate frequently

Frequent manipulation of ads can interrupt machine learning of FB, and the following operations are large changes that interrupt the interfering machine learning process.

These operations are not massive changes and will not affect the optimization of FB

After machine learning

Machine learning is not a panacea and doesn't mean it will work all the time; if you accumulate enough data and the ad performance doesn't get better, it's time to decisively drop that audience and move to a different product or change audiences.



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