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PS Drive-through, from beginner to master!

Adobe Photoshop, or "PS" for short, is an image processing software developed and distributed by Adobe Systems.

Photoshop mainly deals with digital images made up of pixels. Use its many editing and drawing tools for effective photo editing work. PS has many features that are involved in all aspects of images, graphics, text, video, publishing, etc.

Photoshop, the most popular, widely used and comprehensive design tool available, is everywhere in life and work.

With a good idea, PS can help us make the pie-in-the-sky ideas real.

Creative Photo 1

Creative Photo 2

Provided of course that you have a good idea and have some software basics.

In addition, PS is also widely used in various industries and is a must-have software for the popular design, post-production, e-commerce and new media, freelancers, etc.

PS before and after comparison

Look at other people's friends' circle or space, those even breathtaking, beautiful and high quality photos of themselves, who else can do it except our powerful PS?

Creative Wedding Photos

And of course there are those surreal style photos, is there any other way than PS post compositing?

Creative Photos

For us regular folks, PS is also one less reason to beg. For example, if the leader asks us to make a poster, banner, etc., we can easily do it ourselves if we know how to do PS.


Car Poster

And as another group, P yourself, P lose 20 pounds, P look 20 years younger, P a funny photo, or P a spoof of someone else's photo. For example, the following.

PS Spoof 1

PS Spoof 2

Once you learn PS you will slowly find that not only do you help others, but you entertain yourself and others at the same time.

In fact, if you look carefully, you will find: not only the design industry, all walks of life need people who know PS. In addition to white people, more and more people are learning PS and successfully switching to industries with better job prospects such as e-commerce and UI, easily doubling their income several times over.

We often envy those who are proficient in PS, but when we think about it, we wonder: is this PS thing too far away from us?

No, it's actually not as hard to learn PS as you might think. With serious practice and learning to blend in, the title of PS god is just around the corner. You may even change the course of your life because of it. Please believe in yourself!

For those of you who want to change and learn PS, you can private message me, I have the whole set of video tutorials and software here for free!

How to get it: Follow me, click the private message next to my avatar, private message me and reply "PS" to get the permanent link.

Let's learn together, grow together, and rise up for our dreams,, together.

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