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Pac-Logic Robotics Summer Membership Recruitment is now in full swing

Knowlesys Cool Play Robotics answers the call of the

popularizing science and technology education for young children and adolescents.

Focusing on the full development of intelligent robotics building, programming, assembly, examinations and competitions.

2018 Summer Enrollment

Hot off the presses

Iron Fist Competition Class

6 years +

The idea came from the movie "Iron Fist

Team formation

1-2 contestants per team

Two teams in 1 group

Two teams per game against each other

Registration needs to be done as a group

If a player cannot be a Division 1 player is combined by the judges

Each group of players will be drawn on site to determine the players

The same robot cannot be repeated on the field for different teams

Tekken Robot Video

3D printing

9 years +

3D printing technology (3Dprinting)

i.e. a type of rapid prototyping technology

It is a digital model file based

Use of bondable materials such as powdered metals or plastics

Print the desired mold by printing layer by layer

"3D printing technology" means that this technology is widespread

APLACE Cool Play 3D Printer Course

Dedicated 3D modeling software

For the whole city 9 years old Children's collection members above

Space is limited, so register quickly!

Ink Attack Challenge

9 years +

Summer Special Courses

Mozi, the main philosophical school of thought during the Warring States period

Known for his "love for one another", "non-attack" and "Moist machine techniques"

The Robot Ink Attack Challenge is a simulation building

and defensive strategy competitions

Set in the culture of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period of China

With the soul of Moist thought of part-time love and non-attack

Using the Moji Organism as a vehicle

Competitors are able to fully demonstrate in the competition

Equality and mutual love, mutual assistance and mutual benefit

and the pursuit of peace

Also understand and master the more complex

Mechanical principles and science and technology.

DIY Craft Classes

3 years +

DIY Robotics Craft Class

Let your child build creative robots in

Keep using their whims.

Create their own favorite style crafts

You can even take home the artwork!

Free Classes for Summer Classes is hot~

Early Childhood Program

3 years +

Focus on 3-5 year olds

By way of building blocks

Developing children's hand-eye coordination and hands-on skills.

In the hands-on process

Promoting the coordinated development of young children's abilities


6 years +

Children mainly aged 6-8 years

Major studies Knowledge of physical mechanics

Knowledge of technology and life, etc.

Open your mind in learning

Enhancing hands-on skills

primitive tribe

9 years +

Mainly for 9-11 year olds

Main learning robot host

Start programming

Apply logical thinking

Completion of complex tasks

Slave Dynasty

12 years +

Mainly 12-14 year olds

Reinforcing children's creative thinking skills

Logical thinking skills

identify a problem


Ability to synthesize and apply knowledge

Asia Pacific - Knowlesys Cool Play Robot

Summer Enrollment Hot off the presses

Registration is open now

Location: 50m to the right of the back door of Star Experimental School (directly opposite to Huitong International)

Student work display (1)

Dancing robots vs. cranes

Student work display (2)

Chariots, boxing robots

Asia Pacific-Lezy Cool Play Robotics Summer Membership Drive

Hot off the presses

Application Period Now

Location: 50m to the right of the back door of Star Experimental School (directly opposite to Huitong International)

Knowlesys Cool Play Robot

Class time

Every Monday to Saturday





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