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Painting around the subway stations in the North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen

National central cities such as North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are increasingly becoming " The World in Orbit ", subway stations rely on its strong radiation capacity to become an important "urban coordinates" to carry the work and life functions of large cities. A small area radiating outward from a subway station is a node of the city, around which a large number of people and various resources gather. North, south, wide and deep are the central cities of China. Beijing is the political and cultural center; Shanghai is the economic and financial center; Guangzhou is the commercial and trade center; and Shenzhen, the center of science and technology innovation. What are the differences between the urban functions around the subway stations in these four cities?

(located) at Bit and Cloud Platform on a neural network model to do a multi-factor portrait of urban functions within 500 meters around the subway in North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, resulting in a very different drawing style.

The methodological process of data acquisition, data processing, and model calculation is described at the end of the paper.

Portrait based on a mix of urban functions

First interpreting the multi-factor urban function classification legend

A common map legend for everyone is the one-factor legend. Multi-factor legends are more complex than single-factor legends. Each line in the figure represents a type of combination of multiple urban function indicators; each vertical axis represents a single urban function indicator.

When the arrangement type of each indicator on the vertical axis is set to "global maximum and minimum", it is obvious to observe that the order of urban functions around the metro in descending order is: entertainment and leisure function, industrial production function, residential and living function, financial and commercial function, public administration and public service function, green space and square function, road and transportation facility function, and public facility function.

However, this arrangement does not convey well the differences between the various classifications. Switching to the "nested mean" type of arrangement, as shown below, the difference in classification becomes apparent. And it is observed that there is little crossover between the classification lines in the four columns on the right, indicating that the percentages of public management and public service functions, public facility functions, green space and plaza functions, and road and traffic service functions around metro stations in North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are positively correlated.

violet (color) -- Great recreational and leisure features

pink—— Recreation and Leisure vs. Financial business functions blend

blue and purple -- a mix of recreational and leisure and residential living functions

blue (color) -- Highly functional for residential life

pale blue -- a mix of residential living and recreational functions

blue-green -- Residential and commercial functions mixed with financial and public service functions

light brown -- Strong industrial production function

red (color) -- Industrial production functions mixed with recreational and leisure functions

greener -- Strong public management and public service functions, public facilities functions, green space and plaza functions, road and traffic service functions

grass green -- Public administration, public service functions mixed with industrial production functions

Hybrid function

Beijing Metro Circle

The Beijing subway, which uses a checkerboard pattern plan, basically follows the major city arteries and passes through the major important city buildings and places.

The portraits around Beijing's subway stations are a mix of tones, with green tones being the strongest of the four cities.

public administration and public service functions, public facilities functions, green space and plaza functions, and road and traffic service functions are most prominent in the four cities.

Recreation and leisure and various Hybrid function It's also very strong.;

The residential living function is relatively poor.

Shanghai Metro Circle

Shanghai's old city road network is disjointed, with a dense network of roads and small pavements. The Shanghai Metro adopts a radial layout with a high density line network and good convenience.

The dominant colors around Shanghai Metro stations are blue, red and tan.

The residential living function and the industrial production function are the strongest among the four cities. Jing'an is a more concentrated industrial area around the subway stations near Putuo and Caohejing. The periphery of the city is highly functional in terms of industrial production around metro stations in all directions.

Public administration, public services, green spaces and squares, and road traffic functions are relatively weak.

Entertainment and leisure functions, financial and commercial functions and mixed functions are interspersed throughout.

Guangzhou Metro Circle

Guangzhou, the foodie's paradise, is the most grounded of the four cities. Guangzhou Metro is surrounded by the central area of Recreational and leisure functions rely mainly on。 Industrial production function aggregation (located) at north-eastern。

Shenzhen Metro Circle

Shenzhen is a young city and is most inclusive. Shenzhen also has the most mixed painting style around the metro, with no dominant colors.

differences are evident between Guanzhou and Guanzhou, both in terms of the density of metro stations and the functional characteristics (colours) of the metro circle.

The industrial production function metro circle is distributed around Luohu, Futian central area and Nanshan.

(a) The metro circle of residential life functions is dispersed on the periphery.

Representing recreational and leisure violet (color) harmonypink Color Metro Circle、 and on behalf of public administration、 of public services and road traffic functions greener metro area, in picturesque disorder (idiom); irregular arrangement with charming effect。

Portrait of the metro area based on facility density

The ranking of the various total urban function indicators is largely consistent with the ranking of the previous urban function indicators as a percentage.

violet (color) Classification is characterized by the highest functional density of green space plazas, Other functions are centered。 violet (color) Most of the subway circle of (located) at Beijing, capital of People's Republic of China。

greener The classification is characterized by the highest density of residential functions。 greener Most of the subway circle of (located) at Shanghai。

red (color) The classification is characterized by a high density of various functions, It's the heart of the city.。

Here's a look at the metro area rankings for a few individual city functions (taking the top 10)

Recreational and leisure functions

Industrial production function

Financial business functions

Methodological process

The operations involved in the case of this paper, such as data extraction, data processing, metrics calculation, multi-factor assessment profiling, and ranking of the list, are all done on the Bit and Cloud platform ( The specific methodological process is as follows.

First search for metro station data in the bit and city database to return the metro point layer.

Next a buffer of 500 m radius is generated for each metro station in the data processing module (isochronous circles can also be generated).

Thematic data on urban functions were then selected in the urban database (urban points of interest have been pre-classified as urban functions according to planning industry criteria) and aggregated into the buffer zone of each metro station according to the categories of urban functions, producing data with eight urban function indicators.

Once the data is ready, it is analyzed using the Multifactor Assessment and Profiling (MAP) tool on the platform.

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