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Last time I posted an update on dolo's progress to the effect of 'I've changed the core gameplay of DOLO again and again and again, I shouldn't change it next time ......' After posting it and looking at it, I found too many crumbs, so I deleted it.

I don't have much to post this time, so I'll just cover a previous pit that I abandoned again and again and again: the

Chain Q&A

#chain Chain Q&AIt's a type of product with“ strong context” relationship to a question of“ nuclear explosion” be in full swing

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  • parallel world
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The github address, for those who want it, should not be updated anymore:.

What this thing can do.

This thing is basically a traditional brain map dom version. But the js in there can be processed a little and exported to this json.

This json can be put into this game, the code of the game is not uploaded to github, students who need it can pick it up themselves, no pictures, no compression, pull down is the full version of.

Just replace the code section directly:

Read the original article You can play this game.

Looked at some folder full of abandoned pits ...... I really hope dolo doesn't follow in their footsteps.

A brief mention. Game Thinking harmony Technical thinking The difference.

Many people think that the game maker is the god in the game world he made for himself and has the power of life and death over all the characters in the game. I don't know exactly what other people are thinking that I made the game by always positioning myself as an NPC in this game world , whether it's the main character or the boss, they need something, the maker just plays a supporting role in guiding them.

In the game, the gamers are guiding the players to explore the game world on their own by constantly showing them the ropes. Players will find the game's new continent after the effort, new tricks, and even seem to be bugs of some of the clearance skills, these things game makers will not directly tell the player.

But when it comes to technical thinking, you have to explain everything in detail, and if you just focus on demo demonstrations, the audience will instead think that you don't actually understand the principles yourself and question your level.

Personally, I'm on the game side of thinking, technical thinking is too boring for me.

What is the web to a game minded person?

Simply equating the web with html+css+js feels very narrow. In that case, what's flash? What does unity web count for?

In fact, it's easy to explain this thing with one question:

When you get a new computer, what do you use to download the software? 』

This is the web - the portal to the online world.

That's the feature, and the problem gets awkward when it comes to moving:

What do you use to download apps on your new phone? 』

"App Store


So, the h5 resulting from QR code + WeChat is somehow a 'gunblade' with impeccable melee and long-range prowess.

So the web itself is a form, a 'portal' + 'high circulation' kind of thing, and it's obviously more than just code.

Tell these., Mostly to explain that I'm not going to go into further detail『 Chain Q&A』 implementation and how to use it because I don't have Technical thinking……

Interested students can see the source code for themselves, it's simple sql + simple js ..................

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