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Project name: Path network

Total number of issues: 240,000,000

Total number of tokens: 400,000,000

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Twitter: 28,000+

Telegram: 33400+

Project Description

Path network goal is to create a globally distributed node monitoring network that ensures network reliability and provides performance monitoring by connecting excess bandwidth and computing resources to provide various types of online services to users. Anyone with a computer or mobile phone can download Path's transparent and non-resource-intensive "mining" client in order to rent out their device's bandwidth and computing resources for Path.

First of all, "monitoring" does not refer to the "surveillance camera" of the surveillance probe, but rather to the real-time feedback of the network node situation. For example, let's say you run a website or app that is geared towards a global audience. If your server is located in Los Angeles and your users are spread across five continents, you'll want to test both users in New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Sydney and network nodes around the world to see if they can connect to your website and app smoothly.

Because of the need to cross oceans as well as dozens of countries, network failures are a regular occurrence. Once a node or a line goes down, if there isn't a node monitoring platform, then you have to rely on slow and lagging emails of complaints from users to find the problem. However, if a node monitoring platform exists to monitor the nodes in each country in real time, then when a failure occurs, you can take your Ops team and fix the network in the first place to make the user experience the best it can be.

Technical Highlights

Any network has operation and maintenance and monitoring and management needs, from traditional fixed networks, mobile networks, Internet, service providers, etc., have built their own or use third-party management systems, but the centralized server deployment method brings many drawbacks, from the end node to the central node may be separated by hundreds of kilometers, international companies also have cross-border, cross-continental and other further distance, network latency, operation and maintenance complex and inefficient, high cost.

Path's core service is website and network uptime and performance monitoring, providing service availability monitoring, synthetic interaction testing, page speed monitoring, real-time alerts, DDoS attack alerts, path and route visualization, and more. The main options and architectures of the path to achieve the above services include.

Decentralized: path's architecture is decentralized, and instead of a single centralized server for monitoring and collecting information, the nodes used to monitor and collect information are broken down into individual nodes distributed around the globe to collaborate on work requests. This makes built-in redundancy of a wider variety of data collection points and an unprecedented number of worldwide monitoring points a reality.

Mining reward mechanisms: why would the various nodes performing the task be willing to provide bandwidth and computational resources to collaborate on the job? This is a mining reward mechanism similar to Bitcoin proof of work, where people from every country in the world can participate and receive a token paid by the company that issued the task as payment after each node provides free bandwidth and computing resources to complete the assigned task without affecting the normal internet speed.

Multi-platform: the node client can support different browser plugins, including Apple and Android phones, and finally a standalone OS client. API functionality will also be opened up. So the node can be run directly from a plugin in your browser or via the mobile app.

path token payment service: nodes will receive PATH rewards based on the type of task they complete, the location of the node, and how often they complete the task. The value obtained for PATH will also be based on the current market value of PATH. PATH proceeds will be packaged and paid in chunks, as to ensure that the processing fee for rewarding PATH does not exceed the value of the rewarded PATH itself.

Job Bazaar: Users or enterprises looking for service reliability and performance monitoring services can request these services by posting "jobs" through Path's client panel. Work can range from simple requests (e.g., getting a single node to verify that a service is online) to more complex tasks (e.g., hundreds of nodes around the world verifying the checkout process of a web site). To subscribe to these types of services, users simply sign up for Path's panel and deposit PATH Token into their account, then create an order for the transaction token, and finally the mining node finishes the job.

Project Team

The team is considered to be technically strong. In particular, as the project's initiator and the team's CTO, Marshal Webb is a teenage white hat hacker and cybersecurity expert. According to Marshal Webb's Collage and other profiles, Marshal attended Miami University (Ohio) early in high school and majored in software engineering. In 2011, at the age of 18, Marshal became a member of the world-renowned hacker group "LulzSecurity". He has since built a cyber security company, BackConnect, which has been featured in several media outlets such as Reuters, CNBC, Wires and Ars Technica. In 2016, he received the Pentagon, Navy, and Army Cybersecurity Medal for his successful discovery of website hacking vulnerabilities at the U.S. Pentagon, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Army. He was also recognized by Microsoft for finding vulnerabilities in the WIN 10 system. This Path project is also a highly extended and blockchain innovation of his cybersecurity company's original business.

The team also includes Bryant Townsend, Eric Taylor, Bryce Case Jr. and many other talented developers and operators in the cybersecurity and blockchain communities, and the overall strength of the team should not be underestimated.

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