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Pathways: the can't-miss way to grow

I reminded you to go to the head of the horse today to get the skills to "go to the top of life, to achieve a thousand ideals", I wonder if everyone has gone?

All right, all right, I'll let you off with the torture of your conscience.

But no more missing the editorial focus on Oh.

The link starts with one (just copy the following link to your browser's address bar).

#Here's to Goddess Nikita, who is 10,000 times more beautiful and kind-hearted than I am, saving me from a live stream with no traffic

Of course, if you're also wood flowing for the moment, then I'll go ahead and highlight a few things.

Like CC, CL, it's a new system of education.

Independent of CC,CL

The two education systems are currently in the transition phase and the old system will expire in 2 years. A new system, ready to start right away!

It's very new and very powerful. It is possible to customize a selection of 10 paths to continually strengthen your The Five Skills

--Public Speaking

--Interpersonal communication

--Strategic leadership



More information will come out later as the new system is implemented. Please stay tuned to us!

Best, to the funny man, Mason.


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