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People are smarter than you, prettier than you, harder than you, and more creative than you!

The best thing that happened to the Open Build team members in the midst of their busy schedule is that they met a lot of interesting users.

Let's take a closer look at our 107th first registered user today " Fallen Autumn's Xiao Long Bao”。

When he learned that we could help him realize his product idea as much as possible, he not only uploaded his project to the KAIZO APP, but also excitedly wrote a three-page ass-kicking describing his product idea in detail, which really caught the attention of the KAIZO team.

With the permission of Drop Dad, we conducted an in-depth interview with him. Now that's a realization.

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Now allow us to introduce you to the amazing Drop Daddy.

Drop Dad Mini-File.

Educational Background - MSc in Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence

Work background - Software development in the communications industry, involving 3G and 4G core network equipment, fiber optic and wireline access equipment. Long-term employment in a foreign company.

Interests and strengths - ( Here's the point!

a. Enjoyed making things with their hands from a young age. Love watching movies and traveling.

b. Expertise in software development, especially server-side software.

c. All areas of software development are covered.

Such as web pages front and back ends, Android Apps, Instant Messaging (IM) systems, WebRTC technologies, containers and virtualization, web technologies, image recognition (artificial intelligence).

d. Expertise in product design and development combining software and hardware.

Develop HCI products based on Arduino series microcontroller, nodeMCU microcontroller, Raspberry Pi SOC and PC.

Can't read, can you? It's okay, it's just foreplay to warm up. The next part is the main event.

A friendly reminder: please have a comfortable and soft cushion ready, it's better for your knees.

The following is a description of the work "Fallen Autumn's Xiao Long Bao":

1. 2D drawing robot

"Draw a portrait of your beloved and surprise her!"

2. Real-time synchronized robotic arm

"The robotic arm follows the synchronized movement of your arm, go ahead and touch any dangerous objects."

3. bullet time

"Shoot for a time-freezing animation effect, like the famous dodging bullet sequence in The Matrix."

When I saw this, I couldn't help but be curious and asked Drop Dad how many cameras this was taken at the same time? It was later learned that this was a large installation of 24 DSLR cameras. Kozo couldn't resist going to get some more pads!

4. Kinect-based Human-Computer Interaction Games

"Your figure is in the picture, open your arms and catch the gift from heaven."

I feel so happy to see this ~ post-holiday syndrome instantly cleared up there!

5. Singing little yellow man

"The little yellow man with the eyes rolling around. Touching his left and right hands will sing a different song. "

6. Programmable keypad

"Can't remember a super long password? Use this little on-the-go keyboard to help you type with one click. "

7. Hazardous tool detection (artificial intelligence)

"Under security X-ray inspection, dangerous knives that are hidden even deeper are detected and flagged by artificial intelligence."

When I learned that this set of testing equipment was an experimental work in Papa Lok's home, Xiaozao was full of admiration in addition to wanting to say, "Papa Lok, does Mrs. Lok really make you so insecure?

Lastly, thanks again to our user "Autumn's Little Dumpling" for compiling the portfolio for us with so much enthusiasm.

When we received this portfolio at 12:00 that night, we had mixed feelings: the fly fishers were so good and hard working, we shouldn't have to sleep to work harder!

I hope the team can give him better advice from the professional point of view (product design, user research, product production and sales) and make his product dream come true; I really hope to have in-depth communication with more like-minded fly fishers, after all, when interesting souls meet, the heart must be especially beautiful~.

Isn't it particularly awesome to watch! I believe the interesting you is all around us, no matter what your current job is, if you are full of product ideas, come tease us ~ we offer you the help of our professional team, and of course there are more gods waiting to face with you!

Private chat open small build: KXZkxz2017

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