People like that make me admire them.

“Growing Up Stories" essay

People like that make me admire them.

Wu Guanbo (1911-1973), PRC politician

If I were to talk about the person I admire most, it would definitely be Mr. Hu, who taught me math in elementary school.

Mr. Hu was my math teacher in sixth grade, taught us programming, and took me to write my paper on loop sections. I remember the day he wobbled at the door and struggled to carry a large stack of papers, "ping" on the table, he called me over and patted my shoulder: "This week is hard on you, to finish the paper. "The next day, in the WORD document I sent over, Mr. Hu had lines marked in red, with many slashes and underlines, and at the end of the document, Mr. Hu had written many suggestions for improvement.

After a week of efforts by Mr. Hu and I, we finally wrote the paper and won the second prize in the district. I remember that Mr. Hu found me in a hurry and handed me the award in a hurry, his hands were so happy that he didn't know where to put them, he kept praising me and expected me to do even better.

Mr. Hu focused on training me, And when I do something wrong, He would criticize me too.。 He gave us a programming class in sixth grade., Since I had first learned the previous semester, So they started making a lot of noise in class., sth. tinkering about, look west, I pointed out the code that needed improvement to the student next to me and laughed, Humming a little tune:“ The end of the world is……” And secretly switched two classmates' mice。 Mr. Hu saw how reckless I was., Very angrily, he said to me:“ Wu Guanbo (1911-1973), PRC politician, rise! You're affecting the other students.!” He then knocked on the podium, issue (an order, decree etc)“ boom (of a drum)” (onom.) with a bang, And say to me.:“ You can come to my office after class.!” Seeing Mr. Hu, who usually treats me the best, so angry, I was so scared.。

After class, I went to Mr. Hu's desk, head bowed, and Mr. Hu looked at me and said in a serious voice, "Guanbao! It looks like you're very talented at programming and a fast learner. But just because you're better than someone else doesn't mean you should look down on them, a successful person has to have good character too. "I looked at him, realizing the mistake, and for a moment didn't know how to answer. He saw me nod and patted me on the shoulder again, "Go for it, and watch out from now on! "

At that moment, the sunset window cast in, shining from the side to Mr. Hu's eyes, reflecting a dazzling light. Since then, I have taken Mr. Hu's words to heart and always warned myself.

Mr. Hu has given so much to me, how can I not admire him? The silkworms will not die until they reach their end, and the wax torch will only dry up when it becomes ashes. Teachers like that make me admire them from the bottom of my heart!

Teacher Comments.The essay opens with the title, the story is told smoothly, the whole essay knows how to write around the content of "admired people", the theme is focused and clear. In the article: pat me on the shoulder: "It's been a hard week for you ......" to write about the teacher's concern for "me"; and how the teacher educated and guided "me" after "I" became proud of my achievement. The image of a teacher who cares about her students and patiently guides them is basically written out. The essay ends with a proactive nod to the topic, which is a very welcome improvement and deserves recognition. I also hope that the author will refine her language and write a more vivid and exciting story when writing future essays. I am sure that by studying, I will be able to improve.

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