People of Magnetic County, we need your participation in the 2018 Handan Online Quiz on Cybersecurity!


This week is "National Cyber Security Awareness Week"

Do you know the importance of cyber security

Let's start with a "touching love story."


How about that.

Who knew that behind the beautiful online love was a criminal internet scam

The Internet is a double-edged sword

Bringing convenience to life at the same time

There have also been a lot of online scams

Do you know about National Cyber Security Awareness Week?

Starting in 2014, a nationwide annual "Cyber Security Awareness Week" has been held. The activities focus on financial, telecommunications, e-government, e-commerce and other key areas and industry network security, and target hot issues of public concern by holding a series of thematic publicity activities to create a good atmosphere that everyone is responsible for and involved in network security.

When is this year's National Cyber Security Awareness Week?

17-23 September 2018

The theme of this year's National Cyber Security Awareness Week?

Cybersecurity for the people, cybersecurity by the people.

Since cyber security is so important

So, here's the kicker.

Purify the network environment and maintain network security

You are now invited to answer the questions online!


What is the safest way to open downloaded files and software online? How can I reduce the risk of information leakage when using an internet drive? The 2018 Handan Cybersecurity Online Quiz went live on September 17 and the general public is now invited to participate in the online quiz.

Whether you're an Internet industry professional or a regular Internet user, the event is open to everyone. This online quiz on cyber security knowledge is flexible, close to life, and with relaxing music, so you can easily answer the questions and learn about cyber security knowledge in a pleasant environment.

The event was organized by Handan Municipal Party Committee's Internet Information Office and hosted by Handan TV's science education channel. With the theme of "Network Security for the People, Network Security by the People", the event aimed to raise network security awareness and create a clear cyberspace by learning about network security online and popularizing network security knowledge.

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