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People's Daily guide to buying and selling digital currency?

Recently, the People's Daily is all about blockchain. The article points out the current state of blockchain today and its inclusion in the 13th Five-Year Plan. The surprise at the end actually teaches how to buy and sell digital currency. The article says how the bubble started and gives examples.

"I knew the bubble was really coming when friends around me who didn't have any investment experience started asking what blockchain was and if so-and-so coins were okay to invest in." A senior investor, Mr. Wang, lamented. As a "post-90s" person, he has been investing in Bitcoin for five years and has risen from a player to a digital currency worker.

Over the past few years, the price of bitcoin has risen from a rock-bottom $1,000 per unit to a high of $150,000 per unit, a five-year increase of more than 150 times. Mr. Wang bet right and is already well ahead of his peers in terms of wealth before he is 30.

In addition to Bitcoin, digital currencies such as Litecoin, ETC, and BCH have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of times of gains. In this wave of speculative dividends, the "post-90s" have seized the opportunity. A digital currency trading platform insider told Beijing Business News that the age of digital currency investors is mostly concentrated between 25-35 years old.

Mr. Bao, who worked in the traditional financial industry, was introduced to the "cryptocurrency circle" by a friend in 2015. He said to the Beijing Business News reporter, when the most bought into the Wright coin, early 2017 "dog coin" rise is better, and began to buy "dog coin", currently around the friends are playing. In terms of returns, Mr. Pao described how "the market was better last year, probably a dozen times better."

The huge wealth effect makes blockchain no longer a niche market, everyone wants a piece of the pie, and those who haven't invested regret not buying a few coins to have on hand to achieve wealth freedom sooner. And investors who really enjoy this wave of speculative dividends are not realistic. "In eight years, it's 2,000 times more Bitcoin, and I respect him for who can hold it and not sell it." Some senior investors sigh. "Digital assets are the subject of hype built on blockchain, and it's still a hot spot, with people in the circle making a profit every day, which shouldn't be a normal economic phenomenon." Mr. Bao said.

It also points out the attitude of countries that have regulated digital currencies after the madness. After domestic regulation called a halt to digital currency trading against the yuan, domestic digital currency trading platforms are also focusing on overseas markets such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore, and many investors are turning to overseas markets for investment. However, the bubble has piled up and national regulations are stepping up to round it up.

What a bubble as well as regulation, unbelievable to those outside the circle, could not be better described as a bubble. But then the article came back later with a flip flop. Using benign development as well as experts presenting themselves, it is suggested that the compliance situation is better suited to the development of federated chains, but one big obstacle is the implementation of applications. Because of the complex underlying technology itself, but as new technology should be encouraged and tried hard. And finally a special knowledge of how to buy and sell.

I believe that the first three mainstream coins are very familiar to all, the following introduction to the next three coins.

PFT (PFT Chain) Introduction

Public Financial Trade Chain takes PFT Token (PFT for short) as the medium, uses blockchain technology, combines applications and business scenarios in the financial industry and financial ecological chain, based on smart contracts and Token system, a global financial transaction cloud intelligence platform built by Public Financial Trade Chain Foundation, dedicated to the decentralization, authenticity, fairness and transparency of the global financial transaction data industry. Blockchain technology and applications are used to value the data of intermingled transactions occurring around the world and to propose a reference guide for the financial behavior of demanders based on existing database generation.

Total currency: 100 million

Introduction to E-Coins (ECO) and R-Coins (RCO):

Total Eco 38 million, total Rco 10 million. Rco and Eco's blockchain technology adds Equihash to the original Bitcoin SHA256 algorithm. To prevent future additions, hard forks, etc. Eco and Rco's blockchain technology adds "double helix" technology to the original standalone single-chain technology. The two blockchains are independent and corroborate each other. And ahead of Bitcoin has the lightning network of transaction technology. In real world applications Rco is a slightly different scenario than Eco. Eco prefers face-to-face micropayments. Rco prefers to pay large amounts over long distances.

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