Perceptions of AR

Science article.

What exactly AR is has actually become less and less uniquely defined by now.

In fact, the understanding of AR among AR-related technicians and fee-AR-related people is even beginning to diverge.

The reason for this disconnect is that the average person learns about so-called 'augmented reality' through movies or videos, and those special effects are still a good distance away from being realized in reality.

To use a numerical analogy.

If the 'AR value' of the perfect 'augmented reality' in the movie is 100 points, then the 'AR value' of the game pokemon go is 5 points. And 『ARkit』 brings the function 『AR value』 which is 20 points.

From a technical standpoint, 20 points is a full 4x improvement relative to 5 points, a landmark leap.

But for people who are used to seeing 100-point special effects, 5 and 20 points are the kind of grades that only 'special bad students' achieve.

But on the other hand, what's the difference between getting 5 points and getting 20 points as long as you can take the test?

Here's the key.

The situation abroad is less clear; the situation in Heaven is such that most people do not have the opportunity to take this exam.

pokemon go is taking the world by storm, 'worldwide'? You ever wind up in the land of the heavens? This can be considered global?

And after 1 year after that, ARkit came along and the effects quadrupled exactly.

So from a technical point of view, in many cases, 'pokemon go' can't even be considered 'AR'.

However, what made 'global' people recognize 'AR' is pokemon go, only after ARkit appeared, its AR could be defined as 'pseudo-AR'.

But, 『Tenjin' has not experienced 『pokemon go』.

For those who have not taken a 5, it is a shame to take a 5 and a 20.

So, in fact, for the current stage of the player in the sky. Let them understand the world of 5 points first, and when heaven also popularizes 『pokemon go』, then, people will slowly feel unsatisfied with 『pseudo-AR』, and will slowly go after 『real AR』.

As for, 'If there's a choice between 5 and 20 points, then why not go with 20 points to begin with? 』

owing to Hardware can't keep up

From big brother to bb phones, from bb phones to small cell phones, to smart phones. It's only been a few short decades.

However, if smartphones are counted from the 'iphone' (this is controversial and can be used as a hypothetical argument), which was born in 2007 11 years.

Is a multi-touchable screen really the final form of human technology?

At least I don't think so.

Play a video of leap motion showing off the latest black technology at

Video content

That doesn't use the phone as a carrier.

AR has a wide definition, such as holograms, map parsing, in fact, all can be said to be AR.

But at least for now, when we say AR, we mean the presentation form of 'putting a sticker on the front of the phone camera'.


One more thing.

Back in the day when I first started working, act as websites very hot, So many people will come to me to do websites, for example,

『 We're going to do something like a price comparison websites, Make a program to pull product data from various e-commerce businesses, Then put the cheapest one on., We only charge referral commissions. websites。』

"Isn't that like Beauty Street or Mushroom Street? (nice dated terminology)

"No, no, we're not like that. "We blabla

Then at that point I would excuse myself 'I make games, I make websites for work to make ends meet, and I only make games in my spare time. 』

But now.

microsoftphone gameplay It's coming out.。

A similar situation has arisen again.

『 You're not doing it. gameplay (question tag)? We're going to do a similarxxx of gameplay……』


Always feel like there's no excuse ...... Or if I say I'm in AR, will someone come running next time

"Don't you do AR? We want to make an AR like xxx ......'

Are some words really hard to understand ......

I have a 'DOLO'. You have to pay for someone to do those things anyway. websites or gameplay orAR thing, how about investing in my DOLO?

It's the only time like this that I'm extremely welcome oh. -___,-

DOLO is always being updated

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