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Percy offers to head Facebook's AI research unit as LeGuin retreats to the background

CGS News. According to the latest news, the head of facebook's artificial intelligence research department, Ian Luckun, has officially announced his resignation from the position he currently holds in favor of becoming Facebook's chief scientist for artificial intelligence, citing his desire to be able to focus more on his research work.

Ian Le Guin.

Le Quin had previously recommended Jerome Persithi to the company's top management to take over his job, and Le Quin has now finished submitting his job to Persithi. Jerome Persetti, who is said to be the main head of the British AI startup Benevolent, made it to the position of CTO at IBM before coming to Facebook.

It is said that Jerome Persetti will report directly to Schroepfer after his tenure at Facebook, and he will oversee all of the company's artificial intelligence projects. Industry sources say that with his experience working for a big company like IBM and his focus on related fields, Pesiti is confident that he can lead the Facebook AI team to the next level.

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