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Book Recommendation - Software Development Series (Next)

This issue of the recommended software development series is divided into the next two issues of the top and bottom, why is it divided into two issues? Because there are so many great books recommended by my friends, it's going to take two installments for you! Are there some students who don't know much about software development?

So let's learn about software development in this issue!

C programming language Recommended by: Li Chunmao

C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie, Clovis L. Tondo - Introduction

K&RThe writings ofC Classic textbooks on language, And this companion book of practice solutions will help you gain a deeper understanding ofC language and have a good grasp ofC Language Programming Skills。 Reading and learning syntactic structures alone does not really master a programming language. Programming practice is required—— Write some programs yourself and study programs written by others。 You can find out more about this byK&R Textbook StudyC language, Independently answer the practice questions in the book。 Drill down again to the solutions to the exercises given in this book。K&R The original book wasC Classic textbooks on language, And this companion book of practice solutions will help you gain a deeper understanding ofC language and have a good grasp ofC Language Programming Skills。 The practice questions in this book are all based onK&R The language structure that had been introduced in the original at that time to answer the, Clear explanations are given for the answer points of each exercise question, Practicality。

C and pointers Recommended by: Li Chunmao

C and Pointers by Rico, translated by Xu Bo - Contents

This book provides comprehensive resources and in-depth discussions related to C programming. This book helps programmers incorporate the power of pointers into their own programs by exploring the basics and nice features of pointers.

The 18 chapters cover almost all important C programming topics such as data, statements, operators and expressions, pointers, functions, arrays, strings, structures, and unions. The book gives many programming tips and hints, with highly targeted exercises at the end of each chapter, and the appendix section gives answers to some of the exercises.

Linux device driver development Recommended by: Li Chunmao

Linux Device Driver Development by Baohua Song - Contents

For embedded engineers, After entering higher stages,[0 study0] practice Linux device driver development It is undoubtedly a career“ rebirth”。 This is because Linux device driver development Not just about operating system conversions, Conversion of development methods, More importantly, there is a shift in thinking。 as far as sth is concernedLinux Such a complex system, The key to capturing device driver development from the complexity of code is any Linux device driver development Challenges to be faced by those getting started。 apart from[0 know0] write a footnote、 beyond the tools, Often it also needs guidance in thinking。 This book not only helps Linux device driver development initial[0 study0] Clarifying the necessary concepts, Also from specific examples、 The guiding principles of device-driven development step-by-step guide the reader progressively into[0 study0] workshop。 In order for the reader to reach Linux device driver development The ultimate realm of, The authors even abstract the general idea of device driver development from a software engineering perspective。 without a doubt, This book will be the reader's[0 study0] practice Linux device driver development One of the process“ beacon”。

ArcGIS GIS Spatial Analysis Lab Tutorial Recommended by: An Hua Yan

Spatial Analysis Experimental Tutorial for ArcGIS GIS by Guoan Tang, Xin Yang - Introduction

This book is written on the basis of the author's many years of experience in teaching and research work, and the analysis and summary of the application of the previous edition of the textbook and the new features of ArcGIS10 software. The book focuses on the fundamentals of ArcGIS applications, ArcGIS spatial analysis tools, and geological analysis examples. The content includes Introduction to ArcGIS, ArcGIS Application Basics, Spatial Data Acquisition and Organization, Spatial Data Conversion and Processing, Visual Representation of Spatial Data, Introduction to GIS Spatial Analysis, Spatial Analysis of Vector Data, Spatial Analysis of Raster Data, 3D Analysis, Geostatistical Analysis, Hydrological Analysis, Spatial Analysis Modeling, and Comprehensive Analysis Exercises.

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The meaning of the book recommendation activity founded by Skytron Gold Farm Family is that books can lead us to the unknown world, recommend the wonderful you see the sense you see to the company's family to share what you have heard and seen. Let's go to poetry and faraway places together.

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