Pirates of the Kings

Magic Leap finally released its first product recently, and as is the urbane nature of this public website, it usually waits until the hotness is almost over before discussing it.

"Crap, this product concept art just came out now, isn't that the best time to hype it up? How nice to throw out ideas at this time and piapia each other in the face, you say it's black and then next year the product officially goes live gross; you say it's gross and then it turns out to be a facepalm black next year. That's what makes it topical and what gets people to read it. You wait until the heat is off to talk about it. You're, you're, you're not a wimp? Isn't it a horseshit to discuss it only after the product is live? 』

"Well ...... Ah, so that's how it can be understood! 』

But I decided not to talk about magic lerp -___,-, after all, not having experienced it, there's nothing to say. And to be honest, it's not a lot of heat. (People are getting used to it after getting hit with a wave of ARkit and ARcore)

main text (as opposed footnotes)

'Pirates of the Kings' is a comic about a 'programmer' hacker.

There are actually quite a few works about programmers, but those all 'art-treat' programmers too much. Like The Matrix, Bizarroxx or something.

There are more grounded ones, like 'social networking', but I don't think I remember seeing a single line of php code in the movie, probably because I didn't watch it carefully.

Come to think of it, since it's all going to be 'artfully handled' and the programmer community was deliberately chosen, why not just do it and make it up?

The main character is a normal kid who, one day, plays against someone online and wins 10 or so games in a row. Then the computer popped up a string of characters. The protagonist thinks the computer is broken and without thinking much about it, he just presses a bunch of characters in randomly.

It turns out that the guy fighting against the protagonist is a second-rate hacker, who couldn't beat him and wanted to cheat, so he threw a virus he 'found' into the protagonist's IP, and after the protagonist was poisoned, he messed up entering numbers and ended up triggering the key value.

The virus was made by a legendary juggernaut hacker who intended to crack the bitmines and spread the virus as a 'giveaway', second-rate hackers got their hands on the virus and did evil online, so the virus grew in brood. And when the protagonist encounters this virus, the character he unintentionally enters happens to be the key value of this mine, worth hundreds of millions of virtual coins. And this string of values is stuck directly in the protagonist's computer due to the program and cannot be read out.

The legendary hacker thinks that this is probably the 'once-in-a-century' wonder, and contacts the protagonist to teach him 'hacking skills'.

2 years later, the protagonist is out with one of the programs left by the top hacker, and the top hacker is no longer on the web.

The protagonist then meets a hacker online who owns another key value in the mining area, and the two engage in a thrilling cyber battle for the other's key.



Getting back on topic.

'Pirates of the Kings' has not been picked up by the Chinese translation group behind, and the copyright moguls are not buying it, after all, the subject matter is not outstanding in terms of painting style and content ......

For someone like me who doesn't speak Japanese, it's the equivalent of a waifu.

So let's talk briefly about one of those points.

As you know. "Money Laundering Is that what it means?

Encyclopedia explains.

Money Laundering (Money Laundering) is the act of legalizing illegal proceeds, mainly by disguising and concealing their origin and nature by various means, so as to make them formally legal.

As a simple example, if you pick up a hundred dollars, that hundred dollars is certainly not supposed to belong to you, but you take that hundred dollars, go to buy an orange, and the store finds it for you for 98 dollars. Then the $98 is money that belongs to you.

Isn't that easy to understand? (Replace 'pick up' with 'bribe', add 10,000 after 100, replace orange with a car or house, etc.)

Which step of the process was the most difficult? Must be buying oranges, right? Because the store will record that you took $100 to come through, and of course, one of the more common ways to do that is to buy it under someone else's name. (Those big bosses keep second, third, fourth and fifth aunts. Do you really think they're that energetic? )

So, ever wonder? What else can I buy at this step besides physical goods?

As we said before, MMOs are fun because they have 'people', but some MMOs are not fun even if they have 'people', so why are the streams still so high?

Because these games 'make money'.

Indeed, the game spends real-world money too, after all, so there's money coming in, and there can definitely be money going out.

But why are those games running so high? Are their props more worth buying? Or do the 'greasy middle-aged bosses' especially like this type of game? Is the IQ of the bosses who are worth tens of thousands of times more than you lower than you in a game like this that you think is only for retards? Or is the world really particularly full of bosses who have money and no time and are bored?

Have you thought of some other possibilities?

Of course, the opinions in this article are pure nonsense and have no basis in reality, so just read it lol.

This public website has always been about "Reasoning in games , and then often people exclaim like this 'Wow, that's great, you actually learned such a deep truth from the game'.

I don't know whether the other party had the intention or not, but I was still very upset to hear this kind of exclamation, and I wanted to dislike him right away 'So where did you learn all your life lessons? School-issued language math? A bright, sad, high-strength chicken soup? Or are they articles full of professional highbrow vocabulary that at first glance are just scams to fools? 』

Then it would turn into a long cursing war of mutual aoe.

There is a place in everyone's heart that feels like a sanctuary, always feeling like it is the only proof of life's existence. Sure, that's certainly not a perfect place to be, just like animated movies are at a huge disadvantage at the box office compared to live action, but it's still nice when some good animation is acknowledged. At this point, someone suddenly pulled a line like, 'Is the box office so high even for animated films, and are there more kids? ' It would make it seem that either the other person has an EQ problem or an IQ problem.

Some people can't understand why an otaku would cry in the street when his original manuscript is torn up, 'Isn't it just a piece of paper? 』

But when the piece of paper turns into a 5-figure check and is torn up before being handed to the guy, the guy is instead so desperate that he jumps off the building. "Isn't it just a piece of paper? ''Fuck! That's money! 』

So you know what? Maybe the piece of paper in Otaku's hand is worth more than the one you have torn out of your hand, whether measured in terms of meaning or realistically in terms of money.

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