cool hit counter Please prepare ETH wallet and coin software for jacking coins_Intefrankly

Please prepare ETH wallet and coin software for jacking coins

Today's airdrop candy (worth trading platform coins, please jerk off)

McWallet. your real name to get10MDS) Online Trading Platform, Highly recommended

VVBTC Exchange. (until 2018.6.11 new registration and C2 certified users have a sweepstakes to send tokens 1000 DSCB) is online trading platform, highly recommended

Yoexs (Sign up for free tokens SIX, SIC, LTE, GRAM) is online on the trading platform, highly recommended

Caribbean Platform.

BFW Digital Asset Exchange (80BFW for new successful registered users, 88BFW for completing real name authentication) Platform coins have a large appreciation space later, highly recommended

ETHOTC: (Register to send points 588EOBP) platform coin late appreciation space is large, strongly recommended

Dididu (20DB for new registration, DB for daily sign up) Platform coins have a lot of room for appreciation later on, strongly recommended

M-btc: (real name registration send 1000MT) platform coin late appreciation space, strongly recommended

NiuBiEX: (Register to get 200NBC) Platform coins have a large appreciation space later, strongly recommended

9EX: Real name registration (Send 0.3 EOS) EOS directly for cash, highly recommended

Please determine if real name authentication is required when platform rewards are not available, please do your authentication and pay attention to the watermark protection of your identity information!!!

1、Blockchain accelerates the advent of the sharing era sharing chain will create a sharing ecosystem
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3、Vigilance The cryptocurrency pyramid scheme could be all around you
4、Jedi Outcast Releases Official Service Maintenance Announcement Emoji System Goes Live
5、Applets a good card for the trillion dollar new retail market

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