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Poor ecological foundation for gaming DApps

A DApp (Decentralized Application) is a distributed application built on an underlying blockchain development platform and consensus mechanism that directly connects users and developers together, independent of operator control.

As an important application of blockchain technology, the advantage of DApp is the data validation and value flow function unique to blockchain technology. But the disadvantages are also obvious, such as security incidents and uncertainty about the future of the technology, low innovation in DApp product design, and low processing efficiency. According to incomplete statistics, games on the two major public chains, ETH and EOS, have suffered multiple hacks and losses of up to $100 million in the last six months, such as exploiting network congestion and random number vulnerabilities.

The current mainstream DApps are mainly based on ETH, EOS and TRON protocols and include categories such as exchanges, games, and betting. According to DappRadar data, there are currently 1,327, 247 and 76 DApps published based on ETH, EOS and TRON, respectively.

My Crypto Heroes is a September 2018 role-playing blockchain game made in Japan by double According to the DApp review, the game currently has 9 smart contracts. Recent transaction volume and user activity has been high, with 2,512 active users in 24h and 27,557 transactions in 7d.

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