Positioned as a mid-level SUV with L2 autopilot and based on MQBA2, the Tango

Positioned as a midsize SUV, the Tango is based on the MQB? Built on the A2 platform, the new car's exterior partly adopts the traditional style of the Grand Prix, but the style of the air grille is unusually common.

The new mid-sized SUV Tangyue (Tayron) of FAW-Da Nianzhong will be officially launched in Chengdu on October 22. The Tangyue adopts the latest design wording of the Dainty family and comes first with 1.4T and 2.0T high/low power engines. According to previous official operations, future versions of the Tango will also be available in plug-in hybrid, R-Line and Coupe versions.

Positioned as a midsize SUV, the Tango is based on the MQB? A2 platform build. The new car's exterior part adopts the traditional style of the Grand Prix, but the style of the air intake grille is exceptionally common. Dimensions are 4589mm/4595mm/4590mm in length, 1860mm in width, 1660mm in height and 2731mm in wheelbase, depending on the unfit version.

In terms of exterior design, the front fog of the Tango will be supplied with a choice of ring LED daytime running lights and bar LED daytime running lights depending on the model. The new car's multiple styles have been introduced to further promote the character and youthful positioning.

The interior, Tangyue is picking exceptionally adopted the latest design style of the Dainiya family, the T-shaped center console is slightly biased towards the driver, convenient for the driver's operation, the layout of this Tangyue is somewhat similar. Of course the Tango's interior is more youth-oriented than the Tango's, while the Tango places more emphasis on luxury.

The rear seats of the Tango support forward and backward scheduling, and the backrest angle can also be curbed, allowing rear passengers to get better comfort.

In terms of equipment, the Explorer is equipped with a full LCD instrument cluster and a 9.2-inch multimedia dashboard, which is quite versatile, and there are a variety of ambient lighting options inside the car. The new car will be equipped with TJA traffic congestion assistance system with ACC 3.0 adaptive cruise control and Lane Assist lane standoff function, which can complete the L2 level active driving function.

Power, the new entry-level version will be supplied with a 1.4T engine, and the higher-end version will be supplied with a 2.0TSI turbo in different tunings, with a maximum of 137/162kW and 320/350Nm of torque for the low/high versions respectively, mated to a 7-speed dual-polymer gearbox, and its high-powered version will also be equipped with a 4motion four-wheel drive system.

As the first mid-size SUV model, the Tangyue may stir up the mid-size luxury SUV market, with its all-purpose positioning, clearly higher than the current Shanghai Da Nianzhong Touareg L. In the future, the joint SUV market is bound to blow up. Tomorrow the Tangyue will be launched and announced in Chengdu, and the price will be released then, so stay tuned!

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