Preemptively landing blockchain scenarios, Tencent helps local industries transform and upgrade

Blockchain is hot, the competition is fierce, and several companies want to occupy the market quickly, so the scene landing on blockchain has become one of the most important positions to seize. Recently, Li Maocai, general manager of blockchain technology at Tencent, shared the current development status and solutions of blockchain technology at the 2018 Big Data Industry Summit.

It is understood that Tencent began researching blockchain technology in 2015 and has developed to land in several scenarios. Tencent Blockchain is positioned to build a leading enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure service platform to help many enterprises quickly build blockchain application scenarios. At present, Tencent blockchain has been implemented in a number of fields, including supply chain finance, healthcare, digital assets, logistics information, forensic deposition, public welfare search and other aspects.

In terms of financial scenario applications, Tencent mainly explores and practices in the impossible triangle, privacy protection, and mass storage. We also address the incompatible issues of performance, decentralization, and security in our products. Tencent explores the consensus mechanism of bft-POS, prioritizing security and performance, and achieving eventual decentralization in stages to maximize the finality of the system and make the blockchain applicable to real financial application scenarios.

On the issue of information storage, the massive amount of information must be managed to protect data privacy, and the contradiction between information sharing and commercial confidentiality must also be addressed, using cryptographic information isolation mechanisms to protect privacy. In addition, Li Maozai leaked that the multi-chain data isolation mechanism of transparent data public chain full sharing and business participant data private chain sharing is also a direction to explore.

Tencent has been insisting on "R&D first" in blockchain technology, and has put a lot of energy into blockchain exploration, exploring more application scenarios on the basis of solid technology, using blockchain technology to fundamentally improve the plight of small and micro enterprises, and helping to realize the transformation and upgrading of local industries.

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