Probably the best screenshot & posting tool: Snipaste comes to macOS

Hello, everyone, it's time for another app recommendation from the pen tip.

What is probably the best screenshot and mapping tool on the Windows platform has finally arrived on macOS, and while it's still only a beta, it's pretty well done.

Video version of the Sprint

Screenshot of the Banner

When the F1 function key is clicked to activate the screenshot function, Snipaste will automatically detect the window to facilitate the selection of the screenshot range, which is the same as the screenshot tool that comes with qq and others.

But if we check the auto-detect interface elements feature in its Preferences-Screenshot-Display, it provides more accurate auto-detection, as small as a button can be captured accurately, and of course its manual drag-and-drop screenshot range also focuses on accuracy, when you drag the outer frame, a magnifying glass will automatically appear, making the drag-and-drop range pixel-level accurate.


When a screenshot range is selected, Snipaste also provides a full-featured annotation tool that can satisfy most annotation tasks, and all tools can be deformed twice after annotation.

Baskets posting

When the screenshot range is selected, press F3 and the intercepted image will be pasted on the screen. For example, if your boss sends you a revision, you can take a screenshot and paste it on the screen to make changes as you see fit, without having to switch frequently in the application.

If you are writing an article to find information, you can also intercept multiple pages of content and paste them on the screen at the same time. At this time, if you need to deal with other work, you can also create another group, intercept and paste new images, making the work efficiency greatly improved.

Snipaste also has some other small functions, for example, you can take the color directly in the screen, just move the cursor to the color you want to select, press C, you can copy the color color number directly, then press F3 and then you can paste the color information, or paste the color number directly.

Snipaste is a powerful efficiency tool with some learning costs, but once mastered, it gives you significant rewards, in addition, it is a personally developed application that remains free to use across all platforms, and if you feel good after using it you can donate on his homepage so that these independent developers can continue to update and do what they want to do.

Snipaste currently supports Windows, Mac, and the author said that he will also develop a Linux version, which can be said to be very conscientious, at present you can download this excellent software at Snipaste official website (

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