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[Processing Handbook] Alternative Causes of Configurationsystemfailedtoinitialize Exception

There is a c# program on a particular computer that always reports the following error when performing a certain operation.

A little bit of doxing revealed that common causes on the market are the wrong location of a specific node in the config file, or a corrupt config file, etc., and this program doesn't use the built-in config file scheme at all, but rather the ini, so it doesn't apply to my problem. Since this program is not mine, so first reflator out of the source code (c# this point makes me tangled, on the one hand, I am afraid of their own program is anti, on the other hand, and benefit from this ~ can be anti others, NND), debug tracking, found that it is actually WebRequest.Create() raised an exception, most of this method will be passed in because of the uri string is not legal and raise the format error exception, this can raise the above error or the first time to see (I think the Create method is also triggered by other classes inside, but did not look deeper), ANYWAY, since it is a built-in class raised by the non-mainstream exception, so try.

Reinstall the .

Get it done.

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