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[Processing Handbook] USB flash drive can't be read + volume label lost + like card reader + size 0 + no media


The bird problem came back to me today, and after doing what I did before and not solving it, I made some more attempts and the whole process is as follows.

1. Plug in the USB stick and find the problem

2. Launch [Device Manager] in devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 mode, and check [Show hidden devices].

3. Uninstall suspicious items in [Portable Devices]. If you don't know, remove it all.

4、Change the drive letter of the USB drive in diskmgmt.msc

5. Uninstall the USB drive in [Disk Drive].

6. Reboot. There you go.


============ original ==================

The reason the title is a bit odd is that I don't even know how to summarize this bird problem, so I'll list some of the main phenomena as best I can, and hope that any child who needs to search for it will find it. But even weirder than the title is the question itself, and let me tell you.

The flash drive that has been with me for a number of years behaved strangely the other day when I plugged it into my office computer, and the main phenomena are listed below.

- [My Computer] took half a day to load, and eventually the USB drive showed up as a [removable disk], i.e. the volume label was gone

- Tap on blank, disk size is 0

- In diskmgmt.msc it shows the disk [no media], like a card reader (not the common online problem of just missing disk letter, this one has a disk letter)

- I can see my USB flash drive in [Device Manager Disk Drive], and the name is displayed normally.

- Can be pulled out normally through the tray area

- Other operations involving disks may get stuck

I thought the flash drive had reached the end of its life, after all, it had been with me for a number of years and it was time to take a break, and I had multiple backups of the entire data on the flash drive, so there was nothing to be sad about. So after a few days I bought a new one, straightened out the new flash drive at home, and took it to the office today and plugged it in ~ shit, it's broken again? The phenomenon is the same as before, which is sad, new, ah, this dumb computer. I'm now thinking it might be a problem with my office computer's USB port, I've encountered computers that specialize in USB drives before, what with the USB drive hanging (burning to be exact) when plugged in, then I had to seal the front port and get an extension cable to connect the back port out for use. Now if I do the same with this one, it's really fucked up, no~ I'll have to try it. So I plugged the flash drive into another computer and hey~ everything was fine, the files inside were safe and sound, proving that the flash drive didn't hang~ it's always okay. In order to prove that the U-port is not really the problem, I went into another system of my computer to try, but it is also normal, that means the port is also fine, the rest is the system cause, TNND~

For systemic reasons, I made this attempt.

1. Start [Device Manager] with this batch process.

 rem Allow display of devices that were once installed but are not currently connected
set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

 rem Open Device Manager
start devmgmt.msc

2, in the open [Device Manager], tap [View Show Hidden Devices], so that all the devices that have been plugged in on this computer will be shown, where the gray items are the devices that are not currently in use. Then I completely unmounted this USB drive of mine in [Disk Drives], and also unmounted a couple of grey [Universal Volumes] in [Storage Volumes]

After the above attempts, inserting the USB stick, it shows [Installing device driver...], and after a few seconds, everything is back to normal, TNND

Although the problem is solved, but the specific cause is unknown, I guess it may be that I have inserted a variety of mobile storage devices on this computer is very much, resulting in the installation of too many [universal volume], and the number of this stuff may have a ceiling, when I U disk plugged in, the system can no longer load a [universal volume] for it, so even if the U disk controller is recognized, but due to the lack of volume driver, so still can not access the storage content, resulting in a good U disk turned into a card reader, and I delete a few extra [universal volume], the system can be reallocated, so well huh ~ guess just, there are passing and understand the friends also hope to guide ^_^

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