Programmer's tirade: want to quit to go to a new company that pays 22K a month, old company goes up to 26K, should I go or stay!

The thing is this, a front-end programmer wants to leave for a new company, the monthly salary is 22K, the old company in order to retain him to give him an increase to 26K, but the programmer feels in the company has stayed for 6 years, and is a small company, feel little future, just feel their grade is a little older, very torn, do not know where to go! So posting for help.

There are many netizens then advised him not to jump, after all, has been old, to go to the big factory also can not gild the lily, since the new company is also similar there is no need to go.

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Another user said: 6 years of front-end programmer 26K is also a little too little, to which the owner replied: alas, the key I all-round. I do whatever project the company takes on. Make websites, make games, make platforms, make streamers, make tools, make total solutions. Testing is not enough to do testing, hr is on leave to do hr, there are projects to do project manager, do architecture, there are products to do as product manager, come to new people as lecturer. Lack of development up doing development. Lack of UI up to do the design.

According to the owner, it is indeed a bit too little, nowadays, front-end, just the second year of work can reach this salary. I feel so bad for him~ What do you think?

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