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Programming Language Science and Guide


programming languagespread around the world, This magical“ language”, What the hell kind of high-falutin' system is that?? This issue's tweets, I'll reveal it to you programming language The multiple mysteries of。

First the picture (ง -_-)ง↓

Hey, is it cool?

“This chart shows about 150 of the thousands of programming languages that have been invented. Some are general-purpose, while others are designed for particular kinds of application. Few new languages are truly new. The arrows show how newer ones might have been influenced by older ones.”

It's located in Silicon Valley.Mountain View a wall in the Computer History Museum that depicts about150 kind programming language Procedures of historical importance in terms of their relationship to each other。

So ......

It sounds incredibly lofty programming language

What the hell is it?

PART I "Programming Languages" and "Natural Languages"

programming language , which is also not much different from natural language in terms of its functionality. The only difference is that natural language is person-to-person Modalities of communication between, programming language be coder and computer of A way to communicate between.

natural languageComputer languages, too, have a wide variety of languages and a large network of relationships between them.

in interpreting natural language at the time of, People need to have the same Cultural, intellectual background The same applies to computer languages, which also have conventions for transforming a computer language into a machine language. Syntax (syntax) . And the computer's compiler (compiler) becomes the language hub in our brain, and different programming languages use different compilers, just as we need to learn different languages.

The nature of natural language change over time is the same in programming languages, (yes, it's the same way that 300 year old essays in SAT Reading are very hard to read,) and there is such a process of renewal in programming languages. Natural language is updated, mainly Vocabulary, sentence structure changes in terms of computer language, while changes in computer language occurred mainly in Additive features (e.g. C++11) and Change of syntax (e.g. Python3) aspects.



natural language together with programming language The big difference is that, many of natural language The existence of multiple meanings of the word, and in programming language in, This will not be tolerated.。

One can infer the meaning of a polysemous word from its context, But that's not the same for computers。 programming language possess Extremely stringent grammatical requirements and definitions A semicolon, a comma, or a case error can cause the program to terminate.

In addition, many programming languages have Special uses , unlike natural language, has a wide range of uses. Programming languages are, from that point of view, more like The different tools on a Swiss Army knife, each in its own way, enable its owner to tackle a wide variety of challenges and accomplish different kinds of tasks.

PART II "High-level" and "low-level" programming languages

indeed, programming language also has high level language harmony low level (computer) language The difference between the two. It is worth noting that the rank here It's not classified by difficulty., in reality, Low-level means that the program is closer to machine language, Advanced means that the program is closer to natural language。

low level (computer) language (Low-level Programming Language) due to less abstraction of machine coding, for people Very poor readability . And low-level languages are often difficult to port because of the instruction sets used by different CPU models. This is mind-boggling to most developers today (imagine you need to write a different program for each CPU model, that's enough to break any developer)

(′д` )... Radio... (Broadcasting) But low-level languages also have their incomparable superiority, because they are close to machine languages, they run extremely fast. Very low memory usage

high level language (High-level Programming Language) is based on the English (language) This natural language developed, on the one hand, makes it Higher readability, Smoother learning curve, Easier development。 on the other hand, high level language Can be compiled to different machine languages under different platforms, Makes it cross-platform, Greatly facilitates developers。 What we hear today is called "Programming languages." The vast majority of them refer to high level language

Below, the editorial uses C language (high-level language) and Microsoft Macro Assembler (Microsoft Macro Assembler, low-level language) coded two paragraphs Find the nth term of the Fibonacci series Let's visualize it.

↑C language , length only 18 lines, if/else if/while/return/

Statements such as quadratic operations are extremely readable

↑Microsoft Macro Assembler , length 30 lines.

Readability is almost zero without relevant knowledge

Follow-up - Advanced Chapter

Over the next few weeks, we'll be excerpting some Popularity is higher The programming language that I am more familiar with to give you a general overview~

The provisional list includes.

1. Python

2. C

3. JavaScript


May also include ......





Tex and La Tex

PHP (not native php oh)

We will focus on these languages for the distinction use Make an introduction and give a brief overview of Ways to learn this language, If there's any advice., Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section!~(●'◡'●)

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Written by Shu Ye

Reviewed by Xia Yiqiu

Typesetting: Xia Yiqiu

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