Programming for an hour can change a life? This time they came to China

The period from December 4 to 10 each year is called "Computer Science Education Week". During this time, thousands of free Hour of Code events are available to users around the world in the App Store.

The Programming Hour takes place in more than 180 countries around the world, reaching tens of millions of students each time. The course is now able to support over 40 languages, making it easy for even children with zero knowledge to learn.

On December 4 of this year, several elementary school students were given a brand new challenge at the Apple Tianhuan Plaza retail store in Guangzhou - to learn the fundamentals of programming by learning the basics of programming, getting the SPRK+ robot to move, and manipulating the robot to achieve a task goal in one hour.

For children, the strongest motivation to learn new things is curiosity and interest, which is the best teacher for them. And it is from this that the truth of teaching for fun comes. Each student present that day was assigned an iPad, a Sphero SPRK+ robot.

Apple employees mentioned that for kids 12 and older, they have the option of using Apple-developed Swift Playgrounds to gradually learn Swift language development, which is also the development language for apps for Apple products like iOS and macOS, while for kids even younger, the SPRK + Robotics companion Sphero Edu app might be a more appropriate choice.

When you open the Sphero Edu app, it automatically pairs with a nearby SPRK+ robot. The robot can then be operated simply through the control panel on the iPad.

The first challenge the children encountered was to roll the SPRK+ robot into the blue square area on the table. This kind of hands-on practice actually helps young children who are new to programming to quickly understand what the program can actually do.

After the students finished warming up, the real lesson was just beginning.

While the teacher will walk students step-by-step through building programming projects and using Sphero Edu for simple manipulation, the focus of this session is for children to learn to program using code blocks.

Students use code blocks to adjust parameters such as the color of the SPRK+ robot core, the way it blinks, the direction of movement, the rate of movement, and the duration of continuous motion.

After a few hands-on sessions, each student was able to master how to control the SPRK+ robot with their iPads, and the hour of programming came to a close.

For the event itself, it's a desire to encourage more kids to get involved in learning to program.

Meanwhile, itself is a non-profit organization dedicated to popularizing computer science and encouraging more women and disadvantaged student groups of all colors to benefit from computer science education. did this survey: 90% of parents in the US want their children to study computer science, but only 40% of schools offer programs.

To make a difference, has launched the Hour of Programming campaign. expects every student to have access to and learn about computer science, and hopes that computational science should be as much of a focus as subjects such as biology, chemistry, and algebra.

Hadi Partovi, co-founder and CEO of, has said.

"The founding vision of is to give every student in every school the opportunity to study computer science, not just because it's important for career advancement, but because students love computer science."

By Scott

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