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i like apples and oranges

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Red part of the previous lesson

means to tell the browser that this is an HTML document ~ ~ like seeing people talking about people talking about ghosts ~ you first have to know is a person is a ghost ~ nothing special ~ ~

In addition to English those symbols represent comments, that is, the meaning of the Chinese commentary, this is for people to see not for the computer to see, there are these symbols reader is not going to read ~ ~ ~ directly ignored, and this English means, metadata in this ~

Example This is the metadata tag ~~ what does it mean?

See the "WeChat public platform" to the right of my avatar?

This is the header tag will be explained in detail later in the study

i like apples and oranges

The left and right tabs are all the content that our users see as above "i like apples and oranges"

It goes without saying that the notes mean something to the effect that the content and elements are placed here! Most of the future knowledge will be about the contents and elements of the body tag

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The Definitive Guide to HTML5, P19

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Just a point of knowledge, just remember it, some reference value in the future ~

Private notes are purely my own interpretation, please point out any errors, there is a self-audit function when you get out of the software to determine if there are errors in the notes at this moment!

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I just don't understand why originality has to be 300 words~ I have to type to meet this condition~~ Boring and tedious, and I don't know what to say~

1、The second installment of the Light of the Future joint book grant list
2、The first group of Wuxi Peoples Congress Yixing into the city government service center to experience government services
3、At 4 million for a single coin I wouldnt recommend it
4、Whats the reason for the crazy showmanship Exploring the LG booth at CES 2018
5、Csquared 100 exchange count contract

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