Project Zombie Destruction steamisnotenabled error solution

Project Zomboid on Steam requires Steam server authentication to open a service because it comes with VAC, which is the main reason for the steam is not enabled error, and is the main culprit for not being able to connect with servers built by regular retail licenses.

There are two scenarios (Project Zomboid is abbreviated as PZ below).

1. steam version of PZ and retail genuine PZ server online

2, steam version of PZ own build service open online


First scenario.

Open steam's library, select PZ right click - Properties - General - Set startup options , fill in the


Final confirmation of completion. With this startup parameter, the steam version of PZ will be able to connect properly with the regular retail version of PZ.

Second scenario.

As mentioned above, the steam version of PZ requires steam authentication, so building a service directly from the regular retail version of PZ is bound to result in a steam is not enabled error, so we'll have to open a steam authentication server.

First, download, unzip and install SteamCMD

SteamCMD for Windows:

Next run steamcmd.exe, it will update automatically, turn it off and on again after the update, then enter the following command to enter.

login anonymous

Obtaining a successful authorization will display.

Then enter the following command to return.

force_install_dir C:PZServer

This means set the server file installation directory to C:PZServer This can be changed to something else, here is just an example.

Then enter the following command to return.

app_update 380870 validate

Then it will automatically download about 1.02GB of build files from the steam servers.

Once the download is at 100%, type the quit command to exit to close SteamCMD.

Then go to the download directory you just set up, C:PZServer, and find the following two bat files



Choose 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your system, double click to start the initial run, the firewall will block it, remember to put through.

The initial run will force the administrator password to be set, and after setting it you will be prompted to enter it again.

Then the following message will be displayed, this is the initial setup is complete, you can do the local port online, but others basically can not online to play, because you still have to set the server configuration table and set a few special port forwarding.

Next type quit to save and close the server, then go to the C:Users own username omboidServer directory and find the servertest.ini configuration file where we need to set up the server further.

You can edit servertest.ini directly by right-clicking on it, here are the main changes, the rest can be done at your own discretion.

DefaultPort=16261 [Default server port, customizable]

Public=false [public server or not, default no]

PublicName=My PZ Server [Server Name]

MaxPlayers=64 [Maximum number of players]

RCONPort=27015 [Remote Console Port

RCONPassword= [remote console password, default is empty]

Password= [Server password, default is empty]

SteamPort1=8766 [steam authentication port]

SteamPort2=8767 [steam alternate port]

SteamVAC=true [VAC anti-cheat plugin, enabled by default]

(I don't know if the regular retail version of PZ will also come in online after turning off VAC because I don't have the conditions to test it)

Then set up port forwarding depending on the state of your network.

If it is a single standalone public IP, then there is no need to set it up.

Anyone using a router will need to set up route forwarding, paying particular attention to the following two points.

1, how many people connected to the server will need to provide how many ports, if the server is limited to 10 people, then in addition to the default 16261 UDP identification port, you also need to provide 10 additional ports 16262 - 16272 TCP for others to connect in.

2, you must ensure that the steam port is available [default 8766, 8767 are customizable].

I'll use a 10-person server as an example, with servertest.ini custom ports like the following.





Then only one port forwarding rule needs to be added on the router.

27013 - 27026 192.168.X.X TCP/UDP(ALL)

Of course, it is possible to set up dmz hosts to forward all of them, which saves effort but is highly discouraged.

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