cool hit counter Prosperity in the Year of the Dog 2018, and may all traders join together in a hairy, hairy walk!_Intefrankly

Prosperity in the Year of the Dog 2018, and may all traders join together in a hairy, hairy walk!

It's officially the first day of trading after the New Year and this year is the Year of the Dog, so here's wishing all traders a great and prosperous Year of the Dog!

Use a few months ago to put together their own trading ideas and strategy system for many years, before I personally generally mainly manual trading, always think that manual trading can be very flexible control of the market, the machine is never able to do this, since I had a chance to participate in an Internet technology exhibition, I realized that I was too outdated and ignorant, many let you originally thought can not think of things, some columns of machines show in front of you, technology is too great. It was never understandable at the time that many machines went to do many actions simply like living people. At that time, I remember a person told me that the reason why people are flexible and can do a lot of things is because they have a brain, what is the brain, the brain is a database, the whole person is relying on the instructions issued by the brain to carry out orders; so if the machine can also have the same database to the human brain, then all the words and actions are not very different from the real person.

I was thinking back to their own rejection of years of intelligent EA trading, the reason for rejection: 1. online are so said, intelligent EA trading is a false proposition; 2. intelligent trading can make money, research a set of EA out not good, who will go to do the transaction; 3. many teachers or experts and scholars are teaching-oriented, if intelligent EA feasible, directly research a set of EA not on the line, that still need so much trouble manual trading; 4. the market is changing, EA intelligent trading is dead, people are alive. Just 4 reasons that have repelled me from EA smart trading for years.

Now think about it all feel very ignorant, manual trading summed up in two ways, one is to guess by feeling, feel good to enter the field, feel bad to leave the field; the other is to enter or exit the field by indicators (including a variety of indicators combined judgment). These two ways to use more should be the first, then by the feeling of entry and exit, then the intelligent EA can only be used as an accessory tool borrowed or not, intelligent EA can not find this feeling; then the other is based on a variety of indicators as a signal to enter or leave the field, then the intelligent EA can also be based on this indicator as a signal to exit or leave the field, and the point will also be more accurate than manual trading often. Many people think that intelligent EA does not work, I now understand, not intelligent EA does not work, but the root of this strategy idea itself does not work, artificial can be based on a certain indicator to execute the entry or exit orders, it is impossible that the machine can not do (my side of the small studio is responsible for writing EA, which strategy can not write you directly scold me).

This is the Trend Tracking Quantitative EA, and the Dual Currency Triangular Currency Multi-Currency Hedging EA, call for advice and live observations!

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