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[Public Lecture] Hunan University "Wisdom to Take Off" Entrepreneurial Thinking Training Camp - "Big Data + Industrial Internet Best Practice in the Context of New Internet Thinking

Hunan University "Smart Build Take Off"

Entrepreneurial Thinking Boot Camp

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Background of the event

At present, China's industrial Internet + is in the development of the "strategic window period, and, on July 31 this year, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially released the "Industrial Internet Platform Construction and Promotion Guide" and "Industrial Internet Platform Evaluation Methodology", which marks the industrial Internet will enter a new development track up, therefore, strengthen the construction of the industrial Internet, to create a new ecology of manufacturing based on the platform is the primary work of the government and enterprises at the moment.

Activity benefits

◆ Comprehensively analyze the essential difference between "Internet++" and "+Internet", and deepen the meaning and practice methods of new Internet thinking.

◆ Understand the core support and value base of "Internet+" - big data, and improve enterprises' awareness and practice of big data.

◆ Analyze the current problems faced by industrial enterprises and grasp the promotion and application practices of industrial Internet to manufacturing industry.

Lecture outline

I. "Internet+" is a social development

New Ideas and New Platforms

1.The essential difference between "Internet+" and "+Internet"

2.6 Features of "Internet+" and Platform System

3. The meaning and practical approach to strengthening new thinking about the Internet

II. Big data as "Internet+"

Core support and value base

1.How to deal with the coming age of big data

2.How to improve data awareness and practice

3.How to get the results of the application of big data

III. Industrial Internet as "Internet+"

Application Practice and Value Representation

1.Current issues facing industrial enterprises and traditional manufacturing

2.What is the Industrial Internet? Even what?

3.The role of industrial Internet in driving manufacturing and application practices

Faculty Profiles

Mr. Wang Rulong

◆Professor and Head of Software Engineering Department, School of Software, Hunan University.

◆ Jury member of National Science and Technology Award, Jury member of Science and Technology Award of Ministry of Education, Jury member of National Key New Product Project, Jury member of National High and New Technology Enterprise. Outstanding young and middle-aged experts in Hunan Province, and experts enjoying special government allowances issued by the State Council.

Time and place

Thursday, August 16, 2018 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Multifunctional Hall, 2nd Floor, Ginkgo Building, Hunan University

Registration method

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