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PyeongChang Winter Olympics "Beijing 8 minutes" robot is also the future of home appliances?

I don't know if you have paid attention to the closing ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games on the 25th night, Zhang Yimou once again directed the "Beijing 8 minutes" and sent out an invitation to the world to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Cool black technology to light up the closing ceremony"

Unlike the closing ceremony of the 04 Athens Olympic Games, Zhang Yimou shifted from the "human tactics" performance format to a high-tech humanistic performance full of "Chinese wisdom" and "Made in China". Although there are only 24 performers in the "Beijing 8 Minutes" for the entire PyeongChang Winter Olympics, there are 24 intelligent robots dancing with the performers to showcase the characteristics of ice and snow sports and Chinese culture. The dynamic aspect of the show also makes the whole scene feel like technology.

One of the most memorable aspects of the entire show would have to be the interaction between the roller skaters and the robots. From time to time, patterns change on the robot-mounted LED displays, lighting up the entire scene. The 24 robots' movements were coordinated and unified, with 90 seconds of preparation time for the changeover, 16 complex sets of robot movements planned, and the movement alignment was precise, and the close connection with the actors made the whole performance something we could applaud.

"The ideal is very rich, the reality is very skeletal."

These robots make me wonder again, are robots essential to the future of appliances? Like the artificially intelligent butler "Jarvis" in the movie "Iron Man" and the robot butlers in various cartoons, they have personalities and human-like appearances to help their masters with things around the house. This idea actually surfaced in people's minds decades ago, but all those years later, robots have appeared, but still only with a single function such as a floor sweeper, and they are still far from the home robots we once imagined.

To this day, there still hasn't been a leading multifunctional robot, but the fact remains that the hottest selling of these robots on the market right now are still functional robots like floor sweepers. People's purchases are proof that the fantasy of robots is not forgotten, it's just that current technology is still not enough to satisfy our ideas. Technology is something that needs to be accumulated little by little and cannot be achieved overnight. Although most robots currently have only a single function, the presence of robots around us is certainly considered a big step forward than before.

Rosie, the robot maid from the American animated film "The Jacksons

Multifunctional robots - the future of home appliances

The development of traditional home appliances has now reached a bottleneck and the market is growing slowly. Domestic home appliance industry challenges and opportunities, on the one hand, by the international situation, macroeconomic environment and raw materials, logistics, labor and other factors such as rising costs, the production and operation of enterprises rising pressure, on the other hand, with the upgrading of consumption, changes in consumer groups, personalized, high-quality home appliances are more popular in the market. So for many home appliance companies, dabbling in industrial robots is an important direction to expand their development space.

A 2014 report on consumer robots by Juniper Research, a UK-based research firm, mentioned that task-oriented robots like floor sweepers have the highest shipments in the current early consumer robot market. In addition to the functional robots, the smart speaker Echo, which looks the least robotic of the social robots, is selling like hotcakes. A study this year from the U.S. Consumer Intelligence Research Partnership says the Echo has sold 3 million units since it went on sale in 2014.

There is no doubt that robots will be more and better integrated into our lives in the future. Those future robots that will go into everyone's homes and offices must be able to build relationships with people. It has to build familiarity, and it has to be really useful and capable of performing many types of tasks. Whether humanoid or not, I think the direction of robotics should slowly move from the current single function, to the future multi-purpose robots, to the future artificial intelligence robots that integrate the functions of home appliances and have emotions.

The key to breaking the stalemate is "Smart-Making"

Chinese home appliance companies in the process of entering the field of robotics, whether it is mergers and acquisitions or independent research and development, can not get around the threshold of core technology. And as of now, the key technology of robotics is still in the hands of foreign giants.

Zhou Chaosen, an engineer at the Guangzhou Mechanical Institute and deputy secretary-general of the Guangzhou Industrial Robot Manufacturing and Application Industry Alliance, previously said in an interview with the Daily Economic News that the key components of industrial robots include three, which are reducers, motors and controllers. The high-end reducer components are all monopolized by foreign brands, domestic enterprises do out of the performance, stability and foreign have a gap, while the motor and controller technology is more mature, but there is a gap with foreign than.

In artificial intelligence technology we also have a large gap with foreign advanced technology, want to go farther in the field of robotics, or the need for companies to increase their research and development efforts in this. What we want more than a robot that can walk and do things, is an appliance robot that can interact. That's the ultimate path about robots. So to break the current stalemate in home robots, what is needed is still "intelligence and manufacturing".


The closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics was a great opportunity to see our country put on such an exciting and cool "human-machine dance" performance, which shows the country's determination and confidence in the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, and the level of the robots on display so far is also worthy of recognition.

The future of the home appliance robotics industry is certainly good, but there are many difficulties to overcome in the process of development.

(Source: Pacific Home Network)

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