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Python Word Cloud Practice

An introduction to the installation and practice of the Python word cloud library. Install into the anaconda software.

My computer is Win10 , 64 bit OS.

Go to this address and download the wordcloud installation file.

I downloaded a wavy line one and found a problem installing it and ended up downloading the box one.

After downloading open the download location and cut this file. Open Anaconda Prompt in anaconda and the following screen will appear. Copy and paste the file you just downloaded into the "C:User12" folder. (Note that yours may not be this path, whichever is yours)

Copy the filename of the downloaded file along with the suffix. In the black screen above, enter the following command

Note that this file name above is subject to yours. Don't use this file directly from me. You can try it more often.

Once the installation is complete, prepare to test it with the following code.

(Create a test file on your desktop or somewhere before you run the code above)

My test file is the abstract of my thesis, because Generate above does not support Chinese well, so the English file is used, and the final result of the image is as follows.

Above installation and analysis reference article:

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