Python language features

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python is a clean and powerful object-oriented computer programming language.

Simplicity refers to its code style, and Python's design philosophy is one of elegance, clarity and simplicity, preferably with better readability by doing one thing in only one way.

Object-oriented means that Python is designed with objects at its core, where functions, modules, numbers, and strings are all objects, beneficially enhancing the reusability of source code. ji Since everywhere is an object now, learn Python, still worry about finding someone?

Distinguishing Features of Python

Python has an elegant syntax and easy-to-read program coding

Python is easy to get started with and gets the programs you write running with simple operations, perfect for prototyping or other specialized coding tasks while not having to worry about maintenance

Python has a large number of standard libraries to support general coding tasks, such as connecting to web servers, searching for text with regular expressions, reading and modifying files, etc

Python's interactive mode makes it easy to detect code snippets. Also Python actually comes with an integrated development environment called IDLE, which allows beginners to easily create, run, test and debug Python programs

Python can be easily extended by adding new modules that can be applied by executing applications in a compiled language like C or C++. Note that Python is an interpreted scripting language

Python can also be embedded in applications to provide a programmable interface

Python runs on any environment, including Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Unix, and with unofficial builds, also on Android and iOS

Python is free: firstly, it's completely free to download and use or build Python into your application; secondly, Python can be freely modified and distributed because the language is completely open source

Some features of Python as a programming language

Python has a wide variety of base data types: numbers (floats, complex numbers, integers of unlimited length, etc.), strings (with ASCII and Unicode encoding), lists and dictionaries, etc.

Python supports object-oriented programming through class and diverse inheritance

Code can be packaged into modules modules and packages packages

Python supports raising and catching exceptions, and error handling is clear and unambiguous

Data types are strictly and dynamically classified. Mixing incompatible types (e.g. trying to add a string and a number) raises an exception, so errors can be caught more quickly

Python includes advanced programming features, such as generators and list parsing

Python automatically manages memory to relieve you of the hassle of artificially allocating and freeing code memory

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