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Python programs packaged as EXE

Following on from the Raman shift calculation applet we talked about in the last lesson do the final packing.

In general, we write out .py files, such files can only be in the case of a python environment on the computer, and what we are talking about today is the conversion of py files into .exe files, so that they can be run on a computer even without python.

Step one.

Download and install PyInstaller

This is a python library for packaging exe programs in python, download it at

The downloaded file is PyInstaller-3.3.1.tar.gz

Alternatively you can download it directly from my website.

Link: Password: bvvh

Then open anaconda's control command interface

Then enter

pip install C:UsersTanryDownloadsPyInstaller-3.3.1.tar.gz

(Note that this is the absolute path to the PyInstaller-3.3.1.tar.gz file that I downloaded. If you don't want to type it in manually you can drag the file to the command window after typing pip install)

Carriage return to run

PyInstaller-3.3.1.tar.gz is installed

II. Packing

Still in the command window, type

Carriage return to run

The prompt SUCCESSFULLY means that it is successful.

The exported files are usually in the build folder under your computer account, for example mine is in C:UsersTanryuild

, additionally you can also find the location in the command prompt.

Note: The generated folder is a folder that has to be copied together to work, this exe does not need to be installed, it runs directly.

-w command: direct publishing of exe applications will block the debug window with command line. The short answer is that no cmd window appears when you run it. This command is generally used when the program you are writing comes with a UI interface, if there is no UI interface, then ~I don't know what will appear.

-F command: note that the command is case-sensitive. Here it is in all caps. Use the -F command to package the application into a separate exe file, otherwise a folder with various dll and dependency files.

The rest is up to you to explore, just sauce~

Peaches wrote this article very clearly. There may be some minor problems with operation. You can message me if you have any problems.

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