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Quora data breach: hackers get info on about 100 million users

[Note: Article compiled by email security expert Softnext Shou Neian]

One day, another famous victim of the data breach, the well-known question and answer site Quora, suffered a major data breach that exposed 100 million users.

On Monday, the well-known question-and-answer site Quora suffered a major data breach when unknown hackers broke into its systems and accessed the data of 100 million users.

The company is notifying affected users of the incident and resetting their passwords as a precautionary measure, and it is also reporting it to law enforcement. Quora hired a digital forensics and information security firm to assist in the investigation.

Quora is still investigating the security breach, which it discovered the intrusion on November 30 and attributed to a 'malicious third party'

Data leak notification: 'We have recently discovered some User data An intrusion due to unauthorized access to one of our systems by a malicious third party. We are promptly investigating the situation and taking appropriate measures to prevent such incidents from occurring. 』

On Friday, we discovered that some user data had been leaked by a third party who had unauthorized access to one of our systems.

Exposed datagrams include names, email addresses, hashed passwords, data imported from linked networks, public content and actions (such as questions, answers, comments, and press likes), and records of non-public content and actions (such as replies to requests, negative comments, and direct messages).

The company says: 'Although passwords are encrypted (hashed with a different salt for each user), it's usually best not to reuse the same password across multiple services, and we recommend that people do so to change their passwords. 』

Anonymously posted user data is not publicly available and financial data and social security numbers are at risk because the Quora platform is not used.

Quora has identified the root cause of the intrusion and has taken steps to address the issue, but has not revealed technical details about the incident.

The company announced further efforts to mitigate the impact of the incident and avoid future information security breaches.

The FAQ page posted by the company states, 'Not all Quora users are affected; some are more affected than others. 』

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