RT809H write demonstration to UVEPROM

UV EPROM in the loom, elevator controller and other industrial control equipment maintenance industry, there are still in use, but the market a certain brand of programmer can not write this kind of chip, one is the programmer architecture problems lead to VPP power consumption is too large, external adapters can not write, the second is the programmer VPP voltage is not high enough, up to 13V or 18V only, to the aftermarket maintenance inconvenience.

The RT809H programmer adopts digital high-precision programmable power supply and patented IO technology, which can completely solve the contradiction between high voltage and low power consumption, high voltage and high speed, VCC voltage can reach up to 9V, VPP voltage can reach up to 26V, which can easily solve the data writing problem of such chips.

The following is an example of the ST [STMicroelectronics] M2716-1F1 21V

1. place the chip on the programmer holder as shown.

2、Select the model

3. Check the blank

If it is not empty, irradiation erasure with a UV eraser is required.

See rear operation video for details

is empty, then proceed to the next step.

4. Tap "Open" and select the file to be written.

5, click "write", wait a while, the verification is complete.

The demo video is written to a random number, the actual use to write a valid software, while you are writing is not required to use a multimeter to monitor the voltage oh.

The time required for erasing with high intensity UV light is very long, some chips need to be irradiated for 40 minutes to be completely cleared.

Some of the UV EPROMs are written to the following measured voltages

Digital multimeter used: Victory 86E, Utilid 58A

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