Rackmount UPS to advance data centers, cloud computing

In recent years, the development of cloud computing and data centers has driven the rapid advancement of various fields of the server room, if the server is compared to the heart of the server room data center, the power equipment is like the blood of the server room data center. Therefore, with the advancement of modularity and integration of server rooms, the massive construction of data centers has further increased the market demand for rackmount UPS.

As a core component of cloud computing and data centers, what capabilities are needed in a rackmount UPS?


Low energy consumption, high conversion

Low energy consumption is the primary assessment indicator of all products today, in today's increasingly serious energy problems, green energy-saving high conversion rate of the rack-mounted UPS power supply is highly anticipated by the industry. The performance of UPS in terms of green and energy saving is mainly reflected in the input power factor, input current harmonics and the efficiency of the whole machine. Input power factor greater than 0.95, input current harmonics less than 5%, and efficiency greater than 92% are generally required. This will ensure efficient, low-energy and secure operation of cloud computing and data centers.


High capacity, long life, high stability

In the data age of information technology, the information medium has been integrated into every aspect of people's lives. Data center rooms are now expanding in capacity and size, becoming more and more integrated and thus demanding in terms of equipment life, and any strong body has to ensure that the modules are all operating efficiently and stably. As a strong support for the equipment in the server room - ups power supply equipment is the top priority of all factors. The stability, longevity, and condition of rackmount ups directly affects whether or not the server room can operate efficiently.


Maintainable, small space, low cost

Rackmount UPS systems should be easy to maintain and easy to manage. This will not only save the maintenance cost of the system, but more importantly, it can avoid the failure of the system caused by human operation or improper management, which can cause incalculable damage to the data center. These effects are to be avoided at the root.

The advantage of rackmount UPS is that they take up little space, and floor space in the server room is at a premium. Every square meter increase adds to the cost of each segment.


Requires expandable system configuration

This effectively saves investment costs at the beginning of the system construction and enables the rackmount UPS to remain in a safe and efficient working condition throughout the data center construction process, improving the system cost performance.

Four directions for powering the future of data center rackmount UPS

Ease: ease of use, high availability ;

Saving: space and running costs;

Smart: Intelligent and easier to manage;

Fast: rapid deployment and rapid scaling.

Comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the above, the construction of a reasonable and efficient rackmount UPS power supply system, not only consider a particular indicator of the optimal, but according to the actual needs to consider all aspects, in order to ensure safety and reliability, energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance and management, reduce construction costs in these points to find a balance, the construction of both energy saving and environmental protection, but also safe, reliable, affordable system.

Data centers need more application computing power, faster processing power, and better power efficiency. The data center infrastructure market growth rate remains high, the demand for rackmount UPS products is still relatively strong, and there is more room for market share improvement. If we want our products to be more widely used in data centers and server rooms, we have to constantly improve and develop new technologies.

Cunningham Electric rackmount UPS is designed with the most widely used 19" standard rackmount chassis, which is easy to install and saves floor space and space. Rack mounting method, widely applicable to power supply application scenarios such as distributed server rooms, load-constrained server rooms, phased deployment server rooms, rapid deployment server rooms and integrated cabinets. Matching integrated equipment are: communication base stations, integrated power distribution cabinets, data centers, modular integrated products, etc. It is a new high-tech product trusted by the lithium battery UPS industry.

In summary: As the heart of the data center power supply system is again the first element of the data center and network, rack UPS working condition directly affects the reliability of the data center and network.

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