Ransomware virus actually appears in Pinyin version, designed for Chinese netizens?

Last year's "WannaCry" and "Petya" ransomware outbreaks were still impressive, but recently a ransomware virus called "DexLocker" has emerged, and its ransom method is laughable.

The virus can lock the main boot of the computer and cause the computer to fail to enter the system when it reboots. The original imaginary ransomware virus was supposed to look like this.

As a result, the "DexLocker" ransomware virus looks like this.

There are no large sections of plain English, and no foreign-looking transactions like Bitcoin. "yao mi ma gei 30 yuan jiaQQ XXXXX" (want password to give 30 yuan plus QQ XXXXX)? Isn't this the hanyu pinyin of our great China?

In response, netizens' comments lit up.

Netizen A: This class of hackers is too watered down! Not good at English?

Netizen B: That's a viral build, I sigh for you!

Webmaster C: Excuse me? Is that a skull on the left? I thought it was an embarrassment 。。。。。。

Webmaster D: Only $30, waiting to go home for New Year's Eve? Much more conscientious than that bitcoin!

Netizen E: This time it's for the Chinese netizens, right! Look down on who?

Netflix F: Was the last hack feedback too complicated for users to read to collect?

At present, the ransomware virus has been perfectly cracked by 360 Security Guard, users who have been hit just need to enter "sssssssss" to crack it, if you still can not enter the system, rebuild the MBR boot can be, no need to reinstall the system.

In addition, one must be aware of the following points in order to avoid these ransomware viruses.

1. Be careful about clicking on unfamiliar emails, especially those with attachments.

2. Timely system patch updates.

3. Upgrading of operating systems.

4. Do not store important files on the C drive.

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